Impossible: World's Most Portable Electric Bicycle

The attempt to establish electricity as an alternate source of energy to power vehicles for consumer industry has been an ongoing process with companies like Tesla being a beacon of hope for those hoping for a clean economy. It’s heartwarming to see a group of four engineers come together and create a portable, sturdy and fully functional electric bicycle. They have done the impossible. Quite literally. They have created an electrical bicycle that can fold into your backpack and named it ‘Impossible’. Never has it come together like this, a new design altogether, it is portable, and when kept in your backpack you can also fit other items such as your laptop. When folded up, the bicycle reaches a height of 43cm. Weighing a little under 5kgs, it has ten 29,000mAh batteries that can be charged on a regular wall power outlet which let you ride for 23kms at full power.

To make the impossible possible, they had to create a completely new design. Instead of focusing on the tradition single horizontal bar, they focused on the circles and built the bike around it. The seat and the handle bars are placed at similar heights to make sure that the front and rear wheels bear the rider’s weight equally. To ensure that the bike can easily bear the rider’s weight and withstand the shocks, the middle of the frame is made of heavier steel. This design also helps spread the weight of the bicycle evenly. The primary material used was carbon fiber, which is known for its lightweight and durability. Another notable aspect is that, in order to save space, the engineers have made the saddle detachable and is made to fit the folded bicycle.

It can carry around 85kgs and reach a maximum speed of upto around 20-25 km/h. Currently, the Impossible team is running a Kickstarter campaign to try and improve on the brushless electric motor. It is not available on the market as of yet, but shipping is said to be in August 2015 and will be priced at $377. Available in the white and black variants, the bicycle relatively simple to fold and unfold.

So, those who either walk to their workplace or need to travel in rain frequently, the NeverWet-coated carrying case keeps Impossible bicycle and its charger dry wherever you may chose to store it. With the advent of portable electric bicycles, lives of those living in heavily congested metropolis will be made easy and the fear of your bicycle being stolen would no longer be a driving force in deciding against bicycles. Hopefully the impossible team achieves the near impossible task of making electric bicycles a mainstream mode of transportation.

Here you can watch the Impossible bicycle do what it was designed for:


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