5 Cool Android Lollipop Features Worth Checking Out

Owning a Nexus smartphones earns you a special privilege of using Google’s latest offering – Android Lollipop. Having spent a little while on the Nexus 5, installed with Android Lollipop, we come up some exciting features that are worth trying out.

1. Your device is always listening to you

With the Lollipop update, you can optimize Google Voice Inputs to a greater extent. Google now allows you to even start the voice assistant when your device is unlocked. With a simple command of “Okay Google”, your device will be ready to perform a search or a task for you, while you are occupied with other things. You can follow the steps mentioned below:

Settings > Language and Input > Voice Input > Turn on ‘Google Now’ > Turn on (always) “Okay Google” detection > Turn on  “Okay Google” detection for locked screen


2. You now have an interactive lock screen

The Lollipop update doesn’t only let you unlock the screen with a double-tap on the locked screen, the feature similar to the one found in the LG smartphones but it also makes the lock screen interactive. All your notifications get displayed on the lock screen itself, and users have an option either to dismiss the received notifications or to respond to them from there itself. To dismiss the notification, all you need to do is swipe right or left to the notification and to respond to it, you need to double tap on it – which will open the application so that you can work accordingly.

3. Categorize your notifications depending on how important it is

You might be aware how the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode works in the existing smartphones and tablets – it simply ignores the notifications for the period of time you turn it on. But Google worked on the same, to make your experience of ignoring the less important notifications even better. You now have a feature on the Android Lollipop, called the ‘Priority Notifications’ which will make the notifications silent and will not disturb you during the time you choose it to work.

To choose how and when it works, you need to press the volume up or down key, and you’ll see settings to adjust received notifications, namely ‘None’, ‘Priority’ and ‘All’. With the option, you’ll even notice the time duration for which you want to pause the notifications.

To choose which notifications you should receive, you can tap the settings button next to the ‘Priority Interruptions Only’ and then select the contacts from which you want to receive notifications from and what kind of notifications.

4. Guests are welcomed!

Handing over your phone to a friend? All you need to do to keep your personal life private is turn on the Guest Mode. Yes, it’s as simple as swiping down the quick settings panel and choosing the user. It is a helpful feature when it comes to a shared device, or people to whom you don’t really want to hand over your device.

To change the allowance settings and to add more guest users, Settings > Users.

5. Stay pinned!

Situations occur when you have to handover your smartphone to someone unwillingly, maybe for a phone call or when someone asks for your phone to play a round of a game. What you can do is pin the desired application onto your screen and then you’re safe. The other person will not be able to access any other application of yours, they won’t be able to check your notifications too. This seems to be a good option to keep the younger ones busy with games, while the elders talk.

To get started, go to Settings > Security > Turn on the Screen Pinning. Once you’re done, find the application in the Recent Applications screen and tap on the ‘pin’ button, and then confirm. To revert back, you’ll again have to open the Recent Applications screen and tap again on the ‘pin’ button to unpin the app.


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