Steve Jobs vs Tim Cook: More than just a Classroom Fight

The iPhone 6 Plus Debacle christened ‘Bendgate’ has added to the woes of the Tech Behemoth, after the reported bending of the iPhone 6 Plus while in the pockets of the user has led to widespread mockery and has earned media critique the world over. Tim Cook has received a major warning, one that is inscribed in 25 followed by nine zeroes in US Dollars, this is not the first time in a career, marked by the highest price per stock in Apple’s history to the mistake called ‘Apple Maps’. “Jobs would not have let this happen”, “Apple’s era of high quality computing are over after Jobs” are the mouthpieces to the raging debate over the future of Apple.

Tim Cook is one of the most qualified Executives in the history of management and few question his credentials as an Operational Genius, while the MacBook Air has definitely benefited from his expertise in the field, Apple is a technological enterprise, constantly hard-pressed for innovation and introduction of revolutionary products which set the market standards, and it has been reaffirmed if not completely obvious that Cook lacks the Charisma and vision of the former CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs has defined the word revolution, in all the positive contexts the words can be applied notwithstanding his being fired, persevered and gave it all in next, and eventually came back to Apple to restart the massive empire he once built.

Jobs’ dynamics start at detail, he was a perfectionist in the true sense and would expect the best from his design team and all the others, but also gave each product all his support once he was convinced of its feasibility remembered by Eddy Cue, who said Jobs had to be convinced by the Board to go into the E-book business, was reluctant at first, but once he got in he gave his 100%, giving the idea for the flip action of the book, and for selecting ‘Winnie the Pooh’ as the freebie book saying that it was most one of the most colorful books which can exhibit the iBook App’s full potential, the ability to have a broad view of the technological landscape while simultaneously having an up close and personal role in the most minute aspects of Apple’s products and services was exceptional and one of a kind.

While Tim Cook recently celebrated the record breaking sales of 10 million iPhone 6’s in its first weekend, his tenure has been marred by repeated criticism that he has lost his way, but as a CEO, Jobs paid more attention to the products and never really believed in glad handing the investors but this has changed under Cook where Apple has become more open and that has been characterized by the dividends he paid out, for the first time in 17 years. Tim Cook has been ruled to be easier to work with and is more approachable as compared to his successor, also he is also relatively frugal and he is said to strike fear into you but also motivate you to work, with words of praise.

Steve Jobs commanded a Religious like authority in the company, he was very demanding of his employee’s and was known to strike terror, and be temperamental which was a downside to his charisma as one of the most successful CEOs of all time, extremely stubborn, when the iPhone 4 had bad reception when somebody helped it near the metal bands rather than opting for an apology and a fix, he maintained that they must change the way they hold it and asked them to use the cases available. This has changed under Tim Cook when he openly apologized for the Apple Maps mishap and termed it as “We Screwed up Apple Maps”. This is a panoramic change from the Apple of the erstwhile years and has been applauded.

The conquest is between a legacy that has been created and has been inherited, while Tim Cook’s new strategies for innovation are bearing fruit with the new records being created with the sales of the iPhone, and the Apple Watch, but it is far from a honeymoon with fallacies coming back to haunt the Duke graduate. Steve Jobs was a visionary, a creative genius with an understanding of marketing and product detail superseded by very few and with an eye for new ideas while Tim Cook a Supply chain genius brings discipline and more openness to the company as a whole, it is as if Steve Jobs was the youth of Apple Inc., and Tim Cook is the mature adult phase of the company, taking it forward to heights it has never reached.


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