Microsoft Band: Microsoft’s $199 Smartwatch to keep you healthy

Smartwatches are common to find these days and with the growing demand for the smart watches, different manufacturing companies have been working on different styles and designs, to attract users. Companies like Samsung, LG and Motorola came up with new range of Android smartwatches recently, and it’s time for Microsoft now.

Microsoft launched a device called the ‘Microsoft Band’ which marks their entry into the wearables industry. The Microsoft Band has been designed to keeping in mind the need to monitor users’ health. With the new Microsoft Band, users will be able to monitor their pulse rate, measure their calories burn, watch their physical activities and track their sleep, said Microsoft in their blog post. The interesting part about the watch is not the health features it offers, but the compatibility of Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana.

In addition to the features, Microsoft also mentioned that the device will cost $199 in the United States, with only a limited number of devices available. Microsoft also announced their health application known as the ‘Microsoft Health’ that allows users to store their health data over a period of time. The surprising part of the application is that it is available not only for Windows Phones, but will also be available on iOS and Android devices.

The silent message which Microsoft wanted to convey with the launch of the Microsoft Band is the discontinuation of Nokia as a manufacturing company. Nokia Corporation was generally responsible for all the mobile devices related products, but instead of giving it a Nokia branding, it carries the Microsoft tag with it.


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