Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaked Specifications: 4K Display and Snapdragon 810 Processor

The hype which the Note 4 created with its specifications and amazing display has yet not faded out and we have a Chinese blog came up with specifications of another fascinating device. The specifications resemble the next flagship model in the S-series, so it makes it quite certain that the new device could be the Samsung Galaxy S6.

It states that the new upcoming device will include a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED 4K display, with 3840×2160 pixels. The upcoming screen will make the existing QHD devices almost unnoticeable. Powering the device, which boasts an amazing display like this, is the 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor, coupled with a 4GB of RAM.

It is also rumoured, that a camera of 20MP, with optical image stabilization will be included in the camera, to keep up to the needs of the casual photographers owning the upcoming device. Other features include, a fingerprint scanner and a retina scanner. It is also expected that like the previous Samsung Galaxy S5, the upcoming smartphone will be inclined towards keeping you healthy, so we can expect a few extra sensors on the smartphone, like a heart rate sensor.

With this new Galaxy S6, Samsung is all set to ditch its previous Galaxy S5 model which was not really liked by many people due to its resemblance with the Galaxy S4. Another unliked feature of the Galaxy S5, include the appearance, so we can also expect Samsung to work on manufacturing something which looks good, as well as performs well. Will this device be able to impress the users and how economical this device would be is the first question that comes up. To answer this question, we’ll have to wait sometime to get some official confirmations from Samsung regarding the device which has been leaked.

Samsung’s future and how people will accept new Samsung devices really depends on how Samsung portrays its devices to users now. Do let us know on how you feel the new leaked device would perform and what are your expectations from Samsung Galaxy S6.


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