Play Store 5.0 Update hits Android Phones: How to get it?

Prior to the release of Android L, Google has started rolling out updates to its Play Store application, updating to the Play Store 5.0. This update is focused on bringing the user interface of the application in line with that of Android L. The icons have become flatter and bolder. Each section – Applications, Games, Music, Books, Movies & TV, and the News Stand each have a different color code. There is a sharp visual contrast between the background and the icons itself making it seem more spaced out and giving it an overall better appeal . The so called ‘hamburger’ button or rather the icon on the top left of the screen has been shifted a little to the right-hand side of the screen and its size has been increased, with a small animation when used.

Not only does it change the UI but also the functionality of the application itself. When the side bar is opened, you will notice that the section text is changed to grey. The section that you are on will be in a green shade. The lower sections such as the settings tab have icons no more.

When we open an application to download or to check out the updates, you will see the ‘what’s new’ section highlighted in green. This makes it easier for users to know what changes have been made to the app. Over-all the materialistic design to the app gives it a feel-better impression and makes it easier to use. With the inclusion of multiple bug fixes, it gets a thumbs up from our side.

If you do not wish to wait for the update to roll out automatically on your phone, you can download it

here or if you have the patience you can wait for it. It shouldn’t take more than a week though. Please do let us know what you thought of the update to the play store and let us know what you believe were the best features.

Download Link: Play Store 5.0 APK




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