OnePlus One Smartphone Coming Soon to India

The phone that made history, the phone which sold and is still selling through invites, the phone which every person in the world would love to own, the phone which showcased extremely amazing specifications and performance, and yet costed just $299 for 16GB version and $349 for 64GB version. Yes, you guessed it right – it is the OnePlus One. And the best part for the Indian fans of the OnePlus One is the development happening in India. The Indians fans are kept updated about the latest development and news through the OnePlus Forums.

Yesterday, Carl (a staff administrator) added a post on the Forums titled

‘The calm before the storm’, which informed about the Indian Trip and the outcomes. The results of the Indian Trip included the smooth Certification Process and Business negotiations. The processes to follow include Marketing and Communication strategies. The biggest lead for the company prior to the launch of the device in India is the end for the search for a General Manager, as they already have finalized one. In addition to finding a perfect Manager, they also seem to have finalized an Indian Team and Office Headquarters for the OnePlus.

The company seems to have been working hard behind the scenes, to make the product successful in India, where people go crazy for products of this kind. OnePlus One is one type of phone, which offers the best of everything in a price which is way too economical. The staff members at the Forums also told the Indian Audience that more information will follow next week, so we’re hoping that we get to know some


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