5 Best Budget Gaming and Entertainment Laptops for around Rs. 40,000

``No matter how much they try, mobile phones cannot replace computers. Well, not anytime soon. So let’s take a look at the temporary irreplaceable object, a computer, a portable computer. No, not a PC – that’s a personal computer. I mean a Laptop. Now something to light the fire for the people who are really keen in purchasing a budget laptop for their gaming and entertainment needs. So here are our top picks for best, top gaming and entertainment laptops available in the market currently.

HP Pavillion p029TX (Buy for Rs. 40,730)

With great looks and performance comes a great cost. It seems, HP really believes in movies. Available in an extremely bright variant of blue, and three other colors (including Space Grey, Black and White), which are currently unavailable. It comes packed with a 4th Gen i3 processor, clocked at a speed of 1.9GHz – which may not be a powerhouse, it is more than enough for daily tasks. Moving on, it contains 4GB of RAM (expandable upto 8GB), the standard RAM size for laptops around this cost range. The 15.6 inch LED backlight screen isn’t such a sweet deal as it sounds. Alongside, the NVIDIA GT 830M as compared the standard 820M, the performance with worth noting. It operates on Windows 8.1 and with a guaranteed upgrade to the upcoming Windows 10, it is a lucrative deal. If that wasn’t tempting enough, it has Beats Audio, which serves as an icing to the cake. There seems to be no overheating problems due to HP CoolSense Technology and you don’t have to spend that extra buck on a cooling pad. The 1TB HDD lets you store more than you need. Adding, the battery backup of HP Pavillion p029TX is quite decent and it will give you around 2 hours of backup, during extensive gaming.

As mentioned, something so great for the price has to have drawbacks. The display is lackluster. There have been many complaints of reflection issues. The keyboard has no back-lighting. This means if you game at night, which most people do, you’ll have to do it with the light on, which would again prompt the reflection issue of the display.

Verdict: If you aren’t thrown off by the blue colour, and game during the day, this is the laptop for you. Else take a look at the other options.

HP Pavilion G6-2312AX (Buy for Rs. 45,500)

For a gaming laptop within a limited budget, this is an amazing choice. Before diving into the specifications; we would like to tell you this, it laptop is capable of running Batman: Arkham City, Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, Dishonored, and Skyrim on high quality. That’s right, high quality. It requires a small tweak though. You’ll need to choose the configure dual graphics option as it turned off by default as this reduces battery life. Anyway, moving to the specifications.

It runs on an AMD processor. Contrary to popular belief, buying a device that runs on AMD is not taboo. Clocked at 2.3GHz, it is one of the fastest processor in the budget range out in the market. A 1TB HDD, integrated and a 2GB dedicated graphic card, Dolby Digital Speakers, a 64-bit Windows 8, a 4GB (expandable to 8GB), 15.6 inch HD screen make this one of the best gaming laptops on the market.

It however, has a few major drawbacks. This machine is not meant to be upgraded to windows 8.1 nor downgraded to windows 7. Do not upgrade the drivers. All this results in over heating problems and the driver upgrade hampers the working of the dual graphic cards. The screen, just like the previous HP laptop isn’t the best one out there as the resolution (1366×768) is very low for a 15.6 inch screen. The frame supporting the screen feels flimsy and should be handled with care. If the device is left as is, it is a buy worth its tag.

Lenovo B50-70 Notebook (Buy for Rs. 44,990)

In the previous option, the one drawback was the screen. What if you could fix that with an anti-glare, keep the dolby advanced sound, and 4 more gigabytes of RAM to make a combined total of 8GB of RAM? You get the Lenovo B50-70. A 1TB Hard-Disk Drive accompanied by an AMD Radeon R5 M230, a fourth Gen i5 processor clocked at 1.6GHz that can be turbo, boosted upto 2.6GHz, a 4-in-1 Card Reader and 2 x USB 3.0 ports. It runs on a 64-bit Windows 8 that can be upgraded with no problems whatsoever.

It however, has only black as a choice of colour, and tends to get heated easily. Not to the extent that you need to immediately step away, but to the extent that you want to let it cool down, somewhat like a teenager. It is heavy on the pocket costing a little under Rs. 45, 000. Though it costs Rs. 5,000 more than our previous recommendation, however it is worth the extra money.

Dell Vostro 3546 (Buy for Rs. 38,950)

Coming with a 15.6 HD screen with anti-Glare and the standard NVIDIA 820M graphic card it can run most games on medium quality, with ease. Accompanied by a 4GB RAM, 4th Gen Core i5 clocked at 1.9GHz (no turbo boost), 1TB HDD, a Ubuntu Operating System (which you can later change to latest Windows version) it is one of the best dell laptops meant for gaming out there. Make no mistake, it has a lot of drawbacks too.

The battery life when gaming isn’t what is expected. The 820m graphic will soon be rendered obsolete, no HDMI port and only one USB 3.0 port instead of the usual two USB 3.0 ports allows this to make the cut by the skin of its teeth.


We would also like to mention the Lenovo Essential G-510 (Buy for Rs. 42,300) which missed the cut due to some serious overheating problems. All in all, these our are picks for the best gaming and entertainment laptops around Rs. 40,000 you can buy in October 2014. Please leave us your thought in the comment section and make sure to spread the word!


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