Facebook to Introduce View Count for Your Content

Facebook is one of the biggest social networks on the planet, and hence so many people share things on Facebook. But, it’s very difficult to track on how many people saw your posts. Facebook already has Insights for Pages which gives details about such information. This is not available for profiles yet.

Insights is a tool by Facebook for page owners to track and analyze their audience, with certain parameters. Page Insights only gives Page managers a number of non-identifiable aggregate metrics, including the number of people who like their Page, how many people see a post and how many people clicked the post or the link inside it. Facebook’s policy for this data is considerably strict, the page managers are not allowed to keep this data. The Data Use Policy also states guidelines on how this data can be used.

Also, any kind of data take from Insights or other Facebook tools is only for the logged in users. Facebook won’t log requests from people who are not logged into Facebook.


On September 8th, Facebook introduced view count for videos uploaded to Facebook. But now it seems like Facebook might be bringing this feature to content posted on personal profiles. Sources suggests that Facebook will add publicly visible view count for posts made by pages and profiles. It’s not clear yet if this will also be available for profile or page views.

This move by Facebook could be for targeting people with specific advertising and finding personalized ads for people on websites using Facebook’s ad-serving platform. Facebook also recently announced it’s ad serving platform called “Atlas” which will allow publishers to show ads outside of Facebook.

This feature is already available on Google+ from quite some time, only for photos and profiles though. This greatly helps in analysis of reach of favourable content for audience.

Karan Uppal Contributed to this post.

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