10 New and Interesting Features of Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft announced its latest upgrade in the operating system with the launch of Windows 10 in a keynote today. The leap made by Microsoft by choosing Windows 10 as the new name after the Windows 8.1 points out to the major changes and advancements introduced in this new operating system. So here are we discussing the improvements Microsoft claims to have made in its new operating system.

1. New Start Menu

The much anticipated feature of the next Windows update is here. There’s a start button right there on its place. Microsoft brought a mix of the Windows 7 and Windows 8 Start Menu and designed something different. The new start menu will include the standard application listing on the left side, and shall also hold a place for the Metro UI applications. You can edit and realize applications to suit your needs. Users can also locate the ‘Power’ button besides the ‘User’ tan above the standard app listing.

2. Universal Search in Start Menu

Windows 7 users might recall searching for applications from the Start Menu itself, but we had a totally different search functionality in Windows 8. But with the new Start Menu, Microsoft has added the search functionality back to the Start Menu.

Along with this, users will be able to search for web queries directly with the help of this new search. (Microsoft really wants to put Bing back into the picture, by forced Bing results)

3. Task View

It might have been a difficult job for you switching tasks in Windows 7 or Windows 8, but with Windows 10 new Task View button (included on the task bar) users can view all their active applications, with ease.

4. New File Explorer

With the Windows 10 you don’t need to search all your directories to find the file you require. The new file explorer will display the recent files and frequently worked on files in order to make the process easier.

5. Application Window

The biggest boon for a person who loves to multitask will be the new universal Application Window. That means, all the applications (be it default applications, or the ones downloaded from the Store) will run in a Window, which can be resized according to the needs.

6. Multiple Desktops

Another boon for people with a lot of multitasking job is the multiple desktops feature. You can now work on several desktops simultaneously, which till now was available on Linux based operating systems such as OS X and Fedora.

7. Snap View Enhancements

Windows 10 comes with the similar ‘Snap View’ as we had witnessed in the previous versions. But this time users are allowed to add both Classic applications, as well as Universal applications. An addiction to this feature is the ‘Snap Assist’ which will provide a list of applications running on the other desktops.


8. New Command Prompt

Programmers using Windows 10 will now be able to use the shortcut CTRL + V directly in the new Command Prompt.

9. Touch Screen Enhancements

Microsoft is continuously improving the ways touch screen users use their operating system. With the Windows 10, users will have a slightly different user interface for touch devices. Which will include bigger buttons and a different start screen for easy use.

10. Enterprise Ready

Microsoft wants to make it big by calling it the ‘greatest enterprise platform on Windows’. Windows 10 Enterprise Users will be able to manage data efficiently, customize the store and protect data in a much better way.

Microsoft hopes that these features will prove to be enough for users still using previous versions of Windows to update to the modern operating system. Windows 10 will be available in later 2015, but the Technical Preview will be available in a day.


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