Bolt: Instagram Could be Working on another Snapchat Rival

While Facebook launched its Snapchat rival application, Slingshot a few weeks back – it seems like Instagram is also working on its own Snapchat rival called the Bolt. Some Instagram users seem to have seen a banner advertisement on the popular image sharing application, which introduced Bolt as a “one tap photo messaging” application. The  current scenario points out that Bolt might be an application, similar to Snapchat and Slingshot – while the on the other hand it is also believed that this might be a part of the advertisement scheme by Facebook’s owned application, Instagram.

Though the banner advertisement pointed out to a instant image sharing application, it also included a set of emojis: ‘camera – click – send – blush’. However, the link to the Play Store for the Bolt application was broken. The second aspect hints that it could be an install-ad test by the application, and we might see these kind of advertisements coming soon. We have asked Instagram for some information on the same, let’s see what they call this to be.

A new application?

If we consider Bolt to be a Snapchat rival application, just like Slingshot – this could be a silly move by the popular image sharing application. Since, Facebook acquired Instagram for a Billion Dollars in April 2012 and so the new hinted application Bolt would be under the same roof. Two instant image shaing applications by Facebook? And not to forget that Slingshot could not do well worldwide and it had to settle for not more than a hundred thousand downloads both on Android and iOS.

Install ads?

Not to forget the fact that there is nothing that indicates that Bolt is an upcoming application by Instagram. It is quite possible that this could be install ads test carried out by Instagram, to increase its revenue from the advertisements that involve users to download a specific application.



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