Cycloramic: How to take Automatic Panorama Shots?

Cycloramic an application by a startup Egos Venture is not a widely known iOS application which does wonders for the work it is made for. Well, ‘cyclo’ – rotation, ‘ramic’ – panoramic, makes sense, right? Cycloramic is one of the few applications which would make you think twice about your qualifications and you’ll be going like “How is it even possible?”

The application uses an array of different vibration methods to make your device rotate 360 degrees while creating a beautiful panorama with the help of the marvelous iPhone camera. The vibration is on a certain undisclosed frequency which makes the device rotate on a vertical axis and track the rotation angle via other hardware necessities such as gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. The application can be set to rotate for different angles be it 120 degrees, 180 degrees or 360 degrees. While the hands-free/vibration rotation mode is only available for iPhone 5 and above models, the previous version’s iPhones can use the application as a standard guided panorama application.

It features a 24 second video option which is the conversion of the panoramic image to a video format which can be later edited, cropped or shared via the application. The application is available on the App Store for $1.99. Which is rather a fair amount for an application in which the developers literally have put in some thought. Do let us know how you feel about this application through the comments section.

Download Link: Cycloramic in App Store

For the Android version, it seems like we’ll have to wait for a while. The Cycloramic tweeted that they are working on a new and a better version of the old application and they have taken out the existing application down.


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