10 Features You Should Know About MiUi – Xiaomi Smartphones

It’s just been a week or so since the announcement of Xiaomi smartphones in India, but it has already created its space in the smartphone market. The competition was already at the cut-throat level, and Xiaomi with its new smartphones have added to the competition. With Motorola doing a great job with its pricing, followed by HTC and Lenovo – now here we have the Xiaomi Smartphones! In this post we’ll be talking about features about the Xiaomi phones and the MiUi (Xiaomi’s Mobile Operating System).

1. Customization

Xiaomi knew that users these days love to have their own personal favorite themes running on their phone. When the MiUi was first introduced, it had an enormous number of customizable themes. You can pick your personal favorite from a great collection of both – paid and free themes. It not only allowed users to pick their personal favorite theme, but instead allowed them to match up their own theme, that means that users can pick up components from different themes and form their owns. What can be better than that? You can pick your own icons pack, your favorite navigation bar style and match up with a great lockscreen!

2. Lockscreen

The phone’s lockscreen has even got features that you might not have even think about. To lock the lock screen, all you need to do is tap the home screen button for a few seconds and it shall do the job for you. To enjoy the lockscreen features, you need to double tap on the screen and it shall display your music application and will allow you to control the music being played. You can even answer to the new text messages by just tapping right in the center of the screen.

3. Live Icons

Till now we’ve seen static icons. What if we could enjoy live feeds within the icons itself? Xiaomi let’s you do it, with its Email, Weather, Clock and Calender applications having a live icon. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. MiCloud: Xiaomi’s Cloud Service

All the Android users have been using their Google account to backup all their personal data, which includes contacts, messages etc. But Xiaomi with its MiCloud allows you to backup not only your contacts and messages, but also your WiFi settings, Gallery, Notes, Call logs and bookmarks. What more can you expect of a cloud service?

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5. Antivirus, Firewall and Spam Filter

Yes, these three important security applications come built-in your Xiaomi smartphone. With the built-in antivirus application, you can easy secure your device with regular scans and it also keeps you aware about how secure your device is with the help of time-to-time notifications. With the built-in firewall you can set the applications to which you would like to grant the internet access, and to which you would not like to. This can help you tackle the problem of your favorite applications showing ads.

6. Instant Flashlight

It takes you time to look for the flashlight application on your phone, right? Xiaomi has a better option for you. Just press the home button on your lockscreen for long and it will switch on the rear-camera’s flash for you. So now you wouldn’t have to waste your time looking out for the application.

7. Private Messaging

On the first look, the MiUi’s messaging application will look like the other millions of applications available. But what it treasures is a great feature – Private Messaging! What if you could selectively hide your personal messages that contain sensitive information? Xiaomi allows user to hide the messages they would like to with the help of a password. They can even store the contacts in an encrypted format so that the message sender’s name is not visible to the other unauthorized users.

8. Intelligent Front Camera

Xiaomi’s MiUi comes with an extremely intelligent front camera application and sensors. It has the ability to detect the gender and age of the user in the picture, and not only this – it shall also apply the right set of filters to enhance your pictures. What more can a selfie lover demand from a camera application?

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9. Cleaner

With the MiUi’s intelligent Cleaner feature, users can remove the unwanted junks of files and data lying inside their phones and which might be the reason your phone is running out of storage. Cleaner is an intelligent-enough application that runs a scan throughout your phone and detects the unwanted and unnecessary files saved in the smartphone’s cache folder and will confirm with the user before wiping them off.

10. WiFi Sharing with the QR Scan

At a friend’s place and asks for a the WiFi password? Okay, here you go – ‘IMPl@c#90!ghU’. Good luck with typing that thing. In case you have a Xiaomi smartphone, you can straightway share the WiFi access with multiple users with the help of QR Scanner, which comes built-in the smartphone. All you need to do is hover your camera over the QR generated by the other smartphone and you’re connected to the WiFi. Yes, it’s that easy to connect to a WiFi in 2014!


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