AirType: A Device that will let you type without a Keyboard

Typing trend has changed phase after phase. It started right from those noisy keyboards to now present, noise-less keyboards. In addiction, the trend shifted from a physical to a touch screen keyboard. But some geeks in Austin, Texas couldn’t wait to take typing to a new level. That’s where the idea about a ‘keyboardless keyboard’ came in.

AirType is a hardward and machine learning startup which is currently working on a wearable device which can be worn across the palm and will observe your finger movements to know the key on the keyboard you intend to press. AirType’s wearable device is unlike those projection keyboards, which form an image of the keyboard and then asks you to input. The company also claims that the device will work on ‘any surface or none’. It is also described as a ‘keyboard that fits your palm’.

The AirType device is made to make users’ typing experience more easy and since the device is as portable as a mobile phone, it will be easy to carry. The developer has also mentioned on their website that the device would clink to the tablet, so that there’s no fear of losing one from the pair.

TThere is no clue how accurate the device will be and how the device would actually work, since there are people across the planet with different typing styles and different palm size. The AirType device is still in the early prototype stages, and there is no word about when the device would really be made available to developers and users.


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