Slingshot vs Snapchat – Messenger Comparison!

At this time you must be familiar with Facebook’s new app called Slingshot, the latest entry in the Online Messenger War zone which is already pretty occupied with big titles like WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike messenger, Snapchat and Facebook’s own Chat Messenger. But Facebook, as it seems, has done it’s homework here. It takes a direct shot at Snapchat, which lets you take a picture or a short video, write a caption or draw something and send it to someone. After sending it, the particular message will self destruct in a couple of seconds. Slingshot, at first sight also lets you exchange marked up pictures which self delete after a certain period of time until you dig deeper.

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Slingshot works in a whole different way. In order to receive the other person’s message you have to unlock it by sending a message of your own.  Whereas in Snapchat you can view a message as soon as you receive it. There is no message trading involved here which is less frustrating and more easily adaptable by new and old users.  Also in Slingshot there is a ‘Select all’ option which lets you send your message to all your contacts at once which Snapchat users have wanted for a long time but to no avail. Having a ‘Select all’ option enables less important messages and notifications all the time which can be frustrating for some users so Snapchat left it for good.

Slingshot is a very strange way to communicate and share messages. It is very difficult idea to wrap around your head and with so many Messenger apps flooding the App stores, only a few will test and wait for it to show potential. Facebook had a clever idea but the execution is certainly a question mark as it has failed to deliver the way others did.

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So if you want to test something new, something different from what other applications are already offering you and have the patience to actually wrap your head around the idea then give Slingshot a spin and see how you like it. For others who don’t want more complications in there already complicated lives, Snapchat delivers what it promises.


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