Emojli: Are You Prepared For An Emoji-Only Application?

Ever imagined talking with your friends just by exchanging emjois? No, I am not talking about how a girl replies to your texts, but you’ll just have an option to communicate with your friends with the use of emojis. A new application, which will soon be releasing on iOS called Emojli will allow you to exchange emojis with your friends. Some people might like this idea that revolves about talking by just using emojis and no text, but a majority of the people won’t like the idea.

‘Emojli – The emoji-only network. No words. No spam. Just emoji.’ is what the application states, but the ‘no spam’ thing is a little difficult to digest. I guess they aren’t aware of the digital world around them. I wonder how will the people cope up with communication with emojis and no text. Well, the concept is definitely a bit weird but it’ll be great to watch how people will take on this application, and for how long will they continue to use it.

Emojli, still seems to be in the development stages, but their website 

emoj.li allows users to reserve their usernames before-hand. But as per the rule, only-emojis! Yeah, you’ll have to register your username with the use of emojis. And a shocking news was that more than 50,000 people have reserved their usernames on Emojli and the application is expected to launch in the month of July or August.

So a question that comes in my mind is about how will the users search for their friends on the network? Using their email? Do leave a comment, about what you think about this application. Will you use it?


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