What can the Android Wear do? Top Features!

You have been carrying an Android in your pocket till now, but what if you could wrap it around your wrist? This is what Google is trying to do, with the announcement on the Android Wear a few months back. But this years Google I/O have given us much more information regarding the same. A common question that might strike you, being a common man, after so many announcements by Google about Android Wear is ‘What can an Android Wear device do?’ or ‘What is it that makes it a new product?’.

So to answer your questions, we came up with a post that shall give you a brief about all what an Android Wear device is capable of doing.

1. Voice

You cannot expect to type on your watch, so for all kinds of inputs Google will rely on its Voice Input, and shall return back the desired output both as a brief text, and voice. So how do we go about searching or writing a text message when we are in a party, or some other noisy place? One cannot even deny that Google doesn’t seem to have the best voice recognition. So, one thing you should consider before going in for a Android Wear device is the ‘Voice’ factor. It might become difficult for you to communicate with your watch, at times. But you can’t even leave behind a watch that packs some many great features for a rare condition.

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From the day Google has released their ‘Google Now’ feature, the way people surf the internet has changed quite a lot. People, rather than searching their query, seem to ask Google for it – either using the Voice Search or the traditional text search. And the way Google returns the answer has changed significantly. Google’s Voice Assistant, works efficiently and returns results as per the query.

It is not only restricted to search, but you can even ask Google questions, such as ‘Which song it being played?’ or ‘What is the score of the recent FIFA matches?’. Google, with the help of cards displays the information which has been requested by the user. You can flip the cards to get more information about it.

3. Fitness

It’s 2014, and everybody is talking about fitness with new devices such as Nike+ Fuelband coming up, so why should Google stay behind? Currently, there are a few smartwatches that are capable of analyzing how fit the user is. During the demo of the Android Wear at the Google I/O they showed how the smartwatch was able to show the total number of steps taken in the past day and week. The devices also comes up with a heart rate monitor, and can be used to send the information to the applications for better and details analyses.

4. Compatibility

People are becoming lazy and Google helps you too. Won’t it be easy if you could direct your phone from your smartwatch directly? Yes, you can. With the Android Wear, you can pause/play/stop music tracks and can even send or respond text messages from the smartwatch itself. But to enjoy this feature, you must have an Android device running Android 4.3+

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Clearly, with all these features to offer, Google wants Android Wear to be the only device on your hand. Talking about the availability, currently the LG G Watch (Buy) and Samsung Gear Live (Buy) is available for sale at 14,999 INR and 15,990 INR respectively. While, the Motorola’s Moto360 will be available later this year.

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If you have any more questions regarding the Android Wear devices, feel free to add your comment below and we’ll get back to you soon!


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