BlackBerry Messenger vs WhatsApp – Comparison!

BlackBerry Messenger, which recently emerged as a popular messaging application, ever since it has gone cross-platform. WhatsApp has always been a popular messaging application since its launch and recently crossed the 500 million user mark. But when it comes to features and how reliable an instant messenger is, there is a tough fight between BBM and WhatsApp. There are some unique features which are only offered by one of them, while a majority of them are common between the two. So in this post we’ll be taking a look at both the applications and will be choosing which among the two has a brighter future ahead.


This might be one of the most important aspect to judge a messaging applications these days. BBM is much more secure and offer more privacy than WhatsApp. Every BBM User is allotted a unique PIN, which is accompanied with a QR code. You need to know the exact PIN to start a conversation with a particular user, so that increase the privacy and chances of you being stalked by random people. Coming to WhatsApp, the process is a bit risky. All your contacts get synced to the application, and it is obvious that the people who have your contact information, will definitely be able to reach out to you. So, when it comes it privacy, the winner has to be the obvious one! Learn: How to hide your ‘Last Seen’, Profile Picture and Status on WhatsApp for Android and iOS devices?

Winner: BlackBerry Messenger


Both the applications has an option to opt-out of the notifications, which by default are on. BBM has a little advantage over WhatsApp when it comes to notifications, since we get a BBM ‘Connected’ icon in out notifications tray. It is annoying for some users, no doubt, but we can turn it off also. For me, it proved to be helpful because launching the application from anywhere was just a swipe away.

Winner: BlackBerry Messenger


These days, group is an essential part for any messaging application. There is no doubt that both of the applications offer the feature of creating a group of upto 50 people, but BBM Groups are more secure and provide more options for the administrator, such as setting a password which is missing from WhatsApp.

Winner: BlackBerry Messenger

Message Feedback

Once you’ve sent a message to someone you would love to have a feature that will indicate that if the message has been sent or not,  if it has been delivered or not, if it has been read by the person on the other end or not. The great part about it is that both the messaging applications offer this facility, but it in much different way. WhatsApp’s approach for this deal with single and double ticks. Single tick indicates that the message has been sent from your end which later changed to a double tick, indicating that the message has been delivered at the other end. But there’s no way to know if the person has read your message or not, the only way is that to check the last seen, but that definitely will take some seconds and some users might have disabled their last seen too, so it definitely is a difficult task.

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Whereas, BBM’s approach to tackle this problem is rather simpler and deals with two simple alphabets and symbols – a tick, ‘D’ and ‘R’. A single tick in a grey box indicates that the message has been sent, ‘D’ is an indication which means that the message has been delivered and ‘R’ stands for ‘Read’. So, with BBM it’s easier to track the status of your message.


Winner: BlackBerry Messenger


Emoticons make the chats more interesting. So, any modern Instant Messaging application is expected to have a set of emoticons. Both the clients, tend to offer great set of emoticons, but both of them are great in different aspects. I really like how BlackBerry converts text emoticons to the graphic ones, but the variety of emoticons offered is quite less than what WhatsApp has to offer. Click here for BBM Emoticons, Click here for WhatsApp Emoticons. It’s really difficult to decide a winner when it comes to emoticons, but since more emoticons means more options, so..

Winner: WhatsApp

Personal Status

Status defines, what you are currently doing. WhatsApp by default offer some basic statuses, which are comparatively more when compared to BBM. But with BBM, you can add “What’s in your mind” and another advantage BBM has over WhatsApp is that it keeps a record of your updates, that includes “What’s in your mind” and profile picture updates, which is visible only to your contacts.

Winner: BlackBerry Messenger


For those who use these messaging applications for more professional use, rather than chatting with friends this is a considerable point. WhatsApp offers much more advantage here, since it has a separate column for Media, where it displays all the Media and Attachments which have been shared between the two users. If you are using BBM, you’ll have to scroll up and find where the exchange took place. BBM lacks in the Attachments segment and in order to compete with WhatsApp it should find a way out which is much more convenient than scrolling through the chats.

Winner: WhatsApp


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