Facebook's Slingshot: All you need to know

As we reported earlier that Facebook had been working on a Snapchat Rival, last week Facebook launched its Snapchat killer ‘SlingShot’. Here’s a post that shall indicate things everyone should know about the application.

This app thrives on the curiosity of the guy using it by adding the ‘reply to unlock’ feature which is rather irritating for many. As the application is available only to US users it might have a smaller database making it even more boring. While its good point could be that sharing just single video or image you shot could unlock loads of images or videos the other guy sent.

Apart from this feature, Slingshot has a front flash for the ‘selfie’ mode which illuminates the display while taking a selfie in the dark. There are many sounds additions for when you get into sketch mode which gives it a rather real feeling while sketching. It gives you greater typing space than snapchat and also allows you to see the unlocked snaps later which should be taken care into. Also it provides with more colours which are possibly not seen on Snapchat.


But do we think it could replace Snapchat?

Well it depends on the user itself. For a person like me ‘Reply to unlock’ became irritating I had the curiosity to see what the other person sent me but it also felt like a great task to reply the guy instantly and keep on the conversation just to see what he had sent me.


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