All we know about the Apple Smartwatch

A report by Wall Street Journal claims that Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch will have more than 10 sensors; the report also stated that there will be multiple versions of the smartwatch, with different screen sizes. The sensors included in the smartwatch are rumored to be accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, altimeter, magnetometer, heart-rate monitor and ambient light sensor. Supposedly, the smartwatch will have so many sensors to differentiate itself from other Apple products having sensors to track fitness.

The New York Times reported that Apple is testing ways to charge the wearable without plugging it in a socket (Solar or Kinetic Charging?). Not only would this lead to longer battery life, but people wouldn’t have to run to the socket at the end of the day just to keep the watch charged.


Many sources claim that Apple’s smartwatch will have a circular display like the one on Moto 360 running Android Wear.

It is believed that the production of the smartwatch will begin in July, and that the smartwatch will be revealed in October along side new iPhones.


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