[Updated] Get back to work, Facebook's down!

It does not happen frequently, but yes the popular Social Networking website, Facebook is down. No one remembers the last time this happened, but it didn’t happen in the past few months.

Though, Facebook’s recent acquired startups like WhatsApp and Instagram have faced some down time recently. Let’s see how much time will they take to get this back, till then you can however do some productive work and I’m sure the world’s productivity will increase by a huge percentage. Sarcasm, yeah.

On accessing Facebook from desktop, it reads “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can,” however they have not indicated the time when it’ll be back and users would be able to access it. On opening the application, it says that it could not refresh the feed. So seems like there is some serious issue on the Facebook’s sever.

Interesting Fact: Facebook’s Error page’s footer still reads ‘Facebook © 2013’, update it Facebook!

UPDATE: Facebook is back online. Can you access Facebook? Let us know through the comments!


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