Google Teases Android 5.0 Through a Tweet & There Might Be a New Logo Coming Up

There have been quite a lot debates about whether the next Google’s Android will be 4.5 or 5.0 but it now seems that Google will be announcing Android 5.0 soon. Google recently tweeted an update about Football World Cup in which the device images they have used reads 5:00 as the device time.

One might think that we’re reading too far into things but ever since Android Gingerbread, Google has been using the clock time to tease their next Android Operating System. The tweet reads 5:00 as the time, and not 4:50 so it’s quite evident that the next Android OS will be Android 5.0, which is expected to be announced at this years Google I/O. The new version of the Android is hinted to be named ‘Key Lemon Pie’ or ‘Lollipop’. It’ll be great to watch if Google comes up with something new with this update.

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Other thing that is worth considering is the new Android Logo. A user added this picture on the popular social networking website, Google+ which he took from the LG G Watch Boot Animation. You can have a look here.


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