Instagram Adds New Creative Tools To Edit Photos

Instagram users made several requests to add more filters and take editing beyond the limited filters. The popular photo sharing application, Instagram took these requests seriously and has taken a step forward. They have introduced some creative tools to add life to your photos and make them look fresh.


The tools added include ability to control the brightness, warmth, contrast and more. With an extra feature, which will allow you to control the amount of filter to be applied to your pictures. This is encounter the problem faced by a majority of the Instragram Users of matching their picture with their favorite filter. In this practice, some users tend to spoil their beautiful pictures. Here’s an example, suppose a user takes a picture of a water body in the country-side and applied Filter 1 and the resultant images is this (click here to see the image). But the users favorite filter is Filter 2, but when he applies it, the entire photo gets destroyed (click here to see the image). So Instagram has taken this into consideration, and hence came up with controlling the amount of filter that is applied to your pictures.


So, how to use these filters? Well, the answer to this question is pretty easy. All you need to do is upload or click a picture to your Instagram Account and you’ll be able to see a wrench tool, click on that and you can easy control the brightness, contrast and the warmth of your picture. Easy, isn’t it?[


Facebook acquired the application in the year 2012, and since then we have witness seen many changes in the application like the Instagram Direct. The above listed features will be available for users who have updated their application to version 6.0. In case you haven’t, you can do it from here itself. Android user can click here to download Instagram from Google Play and iOS users can click here to download Instagram from App Store.


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