5 Typical Things Almost Every Indian iPhone User Does

Well, I know that I am not the only one who is fed up of things that almost every Indian iPhone user do or say. But, here are some typical conversations I have with my friends who own an iPhone. I will be using the name ‘Jack’ to indicate my iPhone friend. NO OFFENSE TO ANY iPhone USER. So here’s how it goes:

1. Praise all the Apple products without even knowing about them.

Jack: “Did you know that Apple introduced Continuity and Handoff features at the Apple Event?”

Me: “You mean WWDC?”

Jack: *clueless*

Me: “Yeah, I know. So did you try out the Continuity¬†feature?”

Jack: “Ah, yes! It’s awesome.”

Note: He doesn’t own a Mac and still could try out the Handoff feature. Hmm..

2. Automatically forms a bond with iPhone users around them.

Jack 1: “Hey, even I use an iPhone.”

Jack 2: “Hey, we’re brothers from another mother.”



3. Underestimates Android Phones for no reason.

Jack: “We’re late for our class.”

Me: “I know that, we are not even sure about the way.”

Jack: “Let me ask Siri.” *flaunts*

Me: “No wait. Let me do that ‘Okay Google!’


4. Whenever we have a phone discussion…

Jack: “Any idea about new phones this year?”

Me: “Yeah, there are many. A few awesome phones have already been launched.”

Jack: “For example?”

Me: “HTC One M8, One Plus One and…”

Jack: “Chuck it, if you don’t have an iPhone you don’t have an iPhone.”

5. Uploads selfies not because they want to, but because they have an iPhone. And not to forget the Instagram Hashtag #iphone.

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