Facebook Allows Restaurants To Upload Menus On Their Pages

With the increasing number of restaurant pages on the popular social network, Facebook has finally confirmed the addition of the Menus tab on the Facebook Pages for restaurants, which shall be placed adjacent to ‘Likes’ and ‘Photos’ tab. With the increase in the number of foodies on Facebook, restaurants have realized the need of socializing their name on Facebook.

People in the earlier days prefer to search for a restaurant on the popular search engine, Google for location, contact and reviews. But the same set of people have now begun searching for their favorite restaurants on Facebook, as they can easily filter results according to their preferences and ratings. Besides this, they can read reviews by their friends and other people who’ve been their & can also get the general information that includes Contacts, E-mail and hours of operation.

”When looking for a great meal, people often turn to Facebook to find a restaurant’s location, hours of operation and menu. That’s why, beginning today, we’re making it easier for restaurants worldwide to display one of their most important assets directly on their Facebook Page — their menus,” reads a

Facebook Announcement.

The transition from the search engine to the social network has affected the growth of the restaurants by a hugely. There have been no information about the menu listing on the pages, but we believe that

Facebook will first introduce to US and Canadian restaurant Pages. Later, the feature shall be added to restaurant Pages of other countries too.

You can check out the official announcement here.



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