Microsoft Unveils Surface Pro 3 – Specifications, Price and Release Date

‘Tablet that can replace your laptop’ claims Microsoft at the Press Event they hosted. Microsoft has finally unveiled the much awaited, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which is much lighter and thinner than the previous models. The new model features a larger 12-inch display and a completely revamped thinner design that is only 9.1 millimeters thick and weighs just about 800 grams! That’s superb. Microsoft claims that it is even lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Air and is 30% thinner than an 11-inch MacBook Air.

“We are not building hardware for hardware’s sake,” said Nadella. “We want to build experiences that bring together all the capabilities of our company.”

Microsoft’s frequent comparisons with the Apple’s MacBook Air made the company’s thoughts clear. They are just aiming to attract the users which are currently relying on Apple’s products for their work. The Microsoft Store even has a tab on the product’s page that says ‘Surface Pro 3 vs. MacBook Pro‘. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella seems to be determined which he made clear by pointing out the despite of the Nokia’s acquisition, the company is focused on making its own products and hardware for users.

As we had posted earlier, Microsoft has launched five different variants of the Surface Po 3 (with prices), which are as follows:

  • 64GB / Intel i3: $799.00
  • 128GB / Intel i5: $999.00
  • 256GB / Intel i5: $1,299.00
  • 256GB / Intel i7: $1,549.00
  • 512GB / Intel i7: $1,949.00


Talking about the specifications and the features offered by the high-end model of Surface Pro 3. It features a 12-inch ClearType Full HD display, 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. The common issue that disturbs the majority of the Apple users is Battery. Microsoft to an extent, has worked on this issue to deliver the ultimate replacement to the Apple MacBook Air. For this, Microsoft promises nine hours of web-browsing battery life. The display is sharp with an incredible 2160×1440 resolution and features a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Till now these things were obvious, i.e, everyone was expecting these specifications to be upgraded. Talking about the unexpected, the Surface Pro 3 comes along with a new and completely redesigned ‘Surface Pen’ which is supposed to ‘deliver a precise, luxurious drawing and note-taking experience’.

Features and what makes it unique:

  • Continuous Kickstand: Microsoft’s new Kickstand that comes with friction less hinge will allow you to bend your Surface at any angle between 0 degrees to 150 degrees.

  • New Fan Technology: Surface Pro 3 had to deal with the problem of device heating up, so they have introduced a new and better fan technology that will be able to work 30% more efficiently than the previous available models.

  • Colourful Type Covers: Microsoft announced the new type covers that comes in more exciting colour options with 63% bigger track pad with even more stability.

Users can pre-order the Surface Pro 3 through the Microsoft Store and the company has mentioned that the product will be available for sale by the end of August. The sad part about it is, India is no where in the listing of the countries in which the sales will start by the end of August. I hope Microsoft considers India this time. Do let us know how you feel about this ultimate tablet through the comments! Will you replace it with your existing system?

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