What to expect at Google I/O 2014?

Google I/O 2014 is just off the coast, we’ll be seeing a lot of stuff from Google in the next month at Google I/O 2014. We all know that Google releases some great products, specifically for developers, but aimed at consumers at Google I/O every year, and there’s always something that Google shows us at the end, something that no one knows about. You will be able to watch livestream of Google I/O here.

Google I/O will be happening on June 25–26, 2014 at Moscone. Of course, all the tickets have been sold out. Google did something different by not allowing everyone to just register and get a chance to experience the next big thing but instead everyone had to register and Google would pick the people who will experience the upcoming technologies with a lottery. Last year, Google I/O 2013 tickets were sold out in 49 minutes, and to prevent this Google adopted this technique.

So, what to expect at this years’ I/O by Google?

More of Google Glass

Expectation score: 10/10

Google Glass was probably the most talked-about hardware at the last years’ I/O but it was worth it. For those who don’t know, which is unlikely, Google Glass is a head mounted display system which interacts with the user using natural language speech processing. Google Glass has improved in this year, it still costs $1500 and is developer oriented but many celebrities got that too.

It is totally expected that it would be trimmed down to about $400 on launch, probably not at I/O 2014 but anytime soon. Also, we expect Google to roll out Glass outside of US too, but chances of this happening are really slim.

Google will surely be releasing more news on Google Glass, but we don’t know yet about how much.

Android Wear

Expectation Score: 9/10

Of course, Google released its Smartwatch OS with the Android tag this year. We are all very much excited about it. We will probably be seeing a range of announcements from numerous OEM’s for a Smartwatch powered by Android Wear. We already know about the Moto 360 and LG G Watch.

The main thing that distinguishes Android Wear from other Smartwatch OS like on the Galaxy Gear by Samsung is that it’s more friendly, minimal and to-the-point. We haven’t seen any bulky layout on the Wear (just yet?) so far. Wear is totally customizable considering what we have seen already, it’s currently available from LG and Motorola is a Square and Circular form factor, which itself is more ‘watch-like’.

We just hope that OEM’s don’t make it bad with bloatware on it.



Expectation Score: 9/10

Is Google preparing Android 5.0/4.5 for Google I/O? Probably yes. We totally expect Google to release a new version of Android with a set of new (and amazing) features. It’s a long time since we all have KitKat, so shouldn’t we get Lollipop now?

This year, Google will probably be making the ART runtime stable and will bring more enhancements to the OS. As with KitKat, we primarily saw that it was targeted to make Android mainstream on cheap devices, that’s one reason we expect the next release to be a feature oriented release. Moreover, new Design Guidelines are expected.

Nexus news?

Expectation Score: 8/10

We could see the demise of Nexus, and the torch will be carried by the Android Silver. Probably yes. We already have numerous leaks pointing towards Android Silver by @evleaks. We don’t really expect the Silver series to be a sub $400 range, but more like $600 like the current high-end devices. I hope Google doesn’t do that, and keep it cheap.

We need an upgrade to last years’ Nexus 5, and we already have leaks that the next Nexus (Silver?) device will be powered by a Snapdragon 810 64-bit chip. We expect it to be released at Google I/O this year too.

Project Ara

Expectation Score: 9/10

Yes, Project Ara is that LEGO-like Google phone built in cooperation with Phone Blocks. We have already seen demo units of the device, which are not entirely functional but shows how Ara will be modular. We totally expect Google to release some developer device, or at least some news on Ara.

Project Ara is supposing the world’s first modular phone, you just have to replace parts on the device to upgrade or downgrade it. Simple. It is said that the base of Ara will cost nearly $50, which is a good price but we still don’t know about the price of ‘pieces’ on Ara. We still can’t estimate the cost of lowest possible device from Ara.


Chromecast and Chromebook

Expectation Score: 9/10

Google will boost both Chromecast and Chromebook, for sure. We may see a new Chromebook, and an international rollout of Chromecast. I hope Google does that.

Google is probably preparing for more awesome things for Chrome Cast, making it even more useful. About the Chromebook, we might actually see a new version of the OS altogether, and Pixel 2!


Expectation Score: 11/10

Yes, you read it right. It’s 11 out of 10. We are totally sure that Google won’t sit back without any surprise. Google is known to be funny and to give surprises. That’s what we expect for sure!


What did I miss?

I missed quite a lot of things, mainly because they aren’t much expected or covered under another topic. Some of them being:

  • Nexus 86 (No? Silver?)
  • Google+ (I am sad because Vic left the company)
  • Google Play
  • New Nexus 10
  • Android for Cars (We still have Apple Maps on CarPlay, so…)
  • Robots?
  • Nest
  • Google Fiber
  • Google Maps
  • Google Stars
  • A lot more….


Google I/O will be awesome, that’s what I can surely say. What do you have to say about I/O? Did you got a chance to attend the event?

Stay tuned on Virtuaniz for more on Google I/O, and we’ll surely have a livestream for you!


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