Tt eSPORTS Saphira Gaming Mouse – Review!

Tt eSPORTS has been a king when it comes to gaming rigs and hardware. We reviewed the Tt eSPORTS Theron Gaming Mouse last time, and the excellent build quality plus, the attractive design made us rate the mouse 8.810. Besides that, gaming with that particular mouse was much more interesting and the perfect body of the Theron Mouse helped us in gaming. Today, we have the Tt eSPORTS Saphira Gaming Mouse with us and we shall be discussing about several features which you surely look out for before purchasing a gaming mouse.


DPI 3500

What’s In The Box?


The Saphira Gaming Mouse has been designed by a famous StarCraft 2 player from Ukraine, Aleksey Krupnyk also known as White Ra. After having first look at the hardware, the design looks simple and sober, it has no fancy stuffs that might hinder your fingers while gaming. That’s the ideal design every gamer would love to have. The mouse is available in four colour options – Black, Combat White, Blazing Red and Metallic Yellow.


The body has been covered with a fine rubber finish, with provides a perfect grip for your palm. Glossy plastic is hated by most of the people, Saphira Gaming Mouse has a slight of it, on the right and the left side. But that can be ignored, because the area that shall be in contact with your fingers and the thumb has a matte finish on both the sides.

Underneath the mouse, you shall find various buttons, such as – the DPI Level button, Function Lock button and the Polling Rate switch. Below these switches, lie the weights compartment. You can easily make your mouse light or heavy by removing or adding weights. By default, the mouse has 5 x 4.5g weights, but you can easily remove the weights as per your preference. The Saphira Gaming Mouse has been provided with a 1.8m braided cable with a Gold-plated USB connector, which is common these days for gaming hardware.

On the top side, the Tt eSPORTS Dragon logo is also visible, which shall glow red once you have connected the mouse to your PC. Besides this, the scroll wheel and the DPI indicators are the things that shall glow in red.


The Driver Software of the Saphira Gaming Mouse will have to be downloaded from the Tt eSPORTS website, and that shall enable you to customise the mouse right from your computer according to your own preference. When we install the Driver Software, we are shown different Gaming Profiles and we can choose the one we want to use and can even customise the settings for different profiles.


You can customise features such as DPI, Polling Rate, etc. Besides this, the user can also choose to turn on/off the lighting on the scroll wheel and the dragon logo.


The curved surface of the Saphira Gaming Mouse has been perfectly crafted for all the hands, whether its small or huge. The textured bottom surface of the mouse, does not let it accidentally slide on the surface.


The upper surface of the mouse has a rubberized finish, so there are no chances of the mouse slipping off your hand, that shall be a plus point to the gamers that tend to play long matches. The two buttons on the left side has also been perfectly placed, so that there are no accidental clicks. And the best thing I liked about this particular mouse is its scroll wheel. It has a textured surface and the effort you’ll need to apply on it, is negligible. I found this very useful while playing Counter Strike: Condition Zero as changing the weapons required no efforts and it was quick than never before. This mouse has been designed by a professional RTS Gamer, so it has to be the best in that particular genre, besides it, FPS gamers can also opt for it as the mouse in incredibly fast and perfectly designed to suit your needs.


There’s no doubt that the Tt eSPORTS Saphira has been designed for the user comfort and not compromising on the design and the accuracy. If you’re a general gamer or RTS gamer, just like me, I would highly recommend you to go for this mouse. However, this mouse has some buttons oddly placed, like the DPI button on the bottom side. I generally prefer an on-the-fly button for this. If same is the case with you, I would recommend you to go for the Theron Gaming Mouse, which has all what you require.


Do let us know how you feel about the White-Ra’s creation through the comments.


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