Google Plans To Kill URLs With The Upcoming Google Chrome Update

The Search Engine Giant, Google is planning to kill the long website URLs by just showing the website domain name, instead of the entire website URL. With the new update, the search box (called the ‘Omnibox’) will show a button with the website domain, which when clicked will display the entire URL of the page. So what happens to the rest of the space? Yes, that’s an obvious questions. The rest of the space will be utilized by the text box which can be used to Google Search or can be used to switch to another website.


Another question that might arise is, how to share the URL of the page? Not a big issue, all you need you need to do is press Ctrl+L, it will highlight the entire URL, then you can follow the basic technique of “Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V” to share the URL. You can even click on the website button so that the URL gets displayed and then you can copy it, right away.

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This new idea of hiding the URLs is still being tested by various people across the globe and Google has not made any official announcement about whether we’ll get to see this feature in the Update 36 of the Google Chrome or not. If we get to see this feature in the upcoming update of the browser, it will definitely help us fight phishing, as the main website URL shall be visible and we could easy find if the webpage we are visiting is legit or not.


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