Nokia 'Superman' Could Be The Best Smartphone for Selfies

The Internet today is flooded with selfies, be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – all you need to do it search for the hashtag #selfie and you’ll get tons of images. Keeping this obsession in mind, Nokia is planning to manufacture a Windows Phone, which is rumored to be called the Nokia ‘Superman’ with a 5MP front facing camera!

Nokia has moved away from the idea of just improving the rear camera with each product launch, keeping the front camera of standard quality, i.e, 1MP. This smartphone hold the capability of capturing sharp and detailed selfies. Obviously, we’re not expecting Nokia to supplement the front camera with some fancy sensors, but this feature can be a boon to many teenagers out there.


Nokia’s aim remains clear, they want to shift the focus of the people from the Android platform to the Windows Phone, by competing with HTC’s latest smartphone, HTC One M8 (2014)”) – which also includes a 5MP front facing camera. Nokia Superman is expected to be a mid-ranged smartphone, with decent specifications and a 4.7-inched screen and is expected to launch in the later half of the year. Do let us know how you feel about the ultimate selfie-taking upcoming smartphone through the comments!


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