WhatsApp Now Has 500 Million Active Users

A day without Mobile Internet is a nightmare for many people around the globe, since there are applications without which one cannot expect their day to run smoothly. WhatsApp is one such application, and according to the recent announcement by the messenger, WhatsApp has crossed the 500 Million user mark! And all these users have been stated to be ‘active’ and ‘regular’ users.

“Our users are sharing more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos every single day,” said WhatsApp founder Jan Koum. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, earlier this year and WhatsApp Team says that the deal has not slowed down the growth of the Application. In February, when Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the active users count was 450 Million and in the last two months, the number of users have increased significantly.


According to the report, fastest growth in the number of users has been recorded in Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia. The growth in the number of users the Messaging Application has witnessed, seems to be a major factor contributing to the acquisition, with Facebook spending billions of dollars, both in cash and stock. And with this, WhatsApp is halfway to Mark Zuckerburg’s goal of 1 Billion active users. “WhatsApp is on a path to connect 1 billion people,”; “WhatsApp is the only app we’ve ever seen with higher engagement than Facebook itself,” said the Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerburg in February during the deal between WhatsApp and Facebook.

Source: WhatsApp Blog


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