Control Your PC Remotely Using PC Quick Commands

Too lazy? Yeah, it’s 2014 and you’re allowed to be. Keeping this fact in mind, an Android Developer from India, Suyash Srijan built an interesting application called ‘PC Quick Commands’ and is available in the Google Play and the best part is, that it is completely free. If you’re a developer, then this Application might interest you, since it’s open source (GitHub), so you’re free to fork it and make the Application even better.

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You might question about the uniqueness of this application from the other applications that already exist in the Store, well – justified. And to answer your question, this application, being a BETA application, has a beautiful and eye catching User Interface. This application is not only visually different from the other existing applications, but also it only requires a working network connection. So there’s absolutely no need for your Android Device and your PC to be connected to the same WiFi network or there’s no need to pair them with a Bluetooth. Impressive!


Coming to the features that the application offers. From the most basic commands to launching a program for you, this application can do it all. Currently, it allows its users to Restart, Shutdown, Log off, Suspend/Sleep and Hibernate their PC. Apart from these basic commands, it will also allow you to launch applications using custom run commands. Like, if you want to start Microsoft Word, all you need to do is type in “winword.exe” and you’re done!

How to use the Application?

  1. Download the ‘PC Quick Commands’ Application from the Google Play, here.

  2. Install the PC Client of the Application, from here.

  3. Run the Application on your Android Device and choose a unique username.

  4. Run the Application on your PC and enter the same username (the one you entered while using the Application on your Android Device).

  5. You’re done! You can now remotely control your PC.

Note from the Developer: In case you are having connectivity issues, please make sure you add the application to the Windows Firewall exception list. This is a BETA app so things are not guaranteed to function properly every time. I am working hard to add more commands and iron out the bugs.


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