Motorola Names the Moto X Successor Moto X+1

If you’re an Android Fan, it’s obvious that you loved the Moto X. But what we’re hearing today is something surprising, Motorola has planned to name it’s flagship smartphone, Moto X+1, the Moto X’s successor. That’s one of the worst names one can think of, but yeah, that’s probably the truth. However, there have been no confirmations on the name from Motorola.

@evleaks, one of the best sources of smartphones leak, tweeted an alleged logo which reveals the ‘Moto X+1’ name.

We know that the Moto360, Motorola’s Wearable devices, running Android Wear would be launching this summer, so Moto X+1 could be the first device to launch alongside the much awaited, Moto360, just like Samsung does. Samsung, this time, announced the Samsung Galaxy S5, along with three new models of the traditional Galaxy Gear. Coming back to the successor of the Moto X, there has been no information about the specifications, price or the date of availability.


Recently, the Company answered a few questions through their Twitter account, and to the surprise, they mentioned that the ‘next version of Moto X’ would be announced in late summer. Even that points to the release of the devices, along with the Moto360!


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