Apple to Release iPhone 6 This Fall; 5.5 Inched Model Maybe Delayed

Till now, rumors about the new iPhone has been that it’ll have a bigger display. According to the recent rumours, Apple is planning to launch two different sized iPhones this year, one 4.7 inched and the other, surprisingly, a 5.5 inched. But according to the news, Apple’s components manufacturers are expected to produce the displays for the new iPhone launch, as early as the next month, for the fall launch.


It is still a question whether Apple will launch the 5.5 inched iPhone this year, along with the 4.6 inched model, or is just willing to prepare a small quantity of it so that they could start with its production later this year. Earlier, in January, it was reported by WSJ that Apple’s bigger iPhone was still in its preliminary development, while the other variant was ready and was awaiting its mass production. Apple’s aim however remains foggy, whether they’re planning to launch the two iPhones together, or not.

The other factor that adds up to the delay of the larger iPhones is that, it is reported to be using in-touch display technology, which allows it to be thinner and of course lighter than the traditional models. Well, all we can do is wait, for more rumours and for further press information from the Manufacturer. Do let us know how you feel about the big sized iPhones through the comments!

Source – The Wall Street Journal


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