Here's all you need to know about the new HTC One M8 (2014)

HTC announced its new flagship device after last years HTC One yesterday and they call it the All new HTC One (M8). Yes, they named it the the One, again. Anyways, apart from the name, HTC has done a pretty great job with the device and it surely deserves to be the flagship from HTC for the current generation. Here’s everything you need to know about the All new HTC One and decide if this will be your next smartphone or not.

It’s called the HTC One, Did I heard/read it right?

Yes, you heard/read it right. But, not just “HTC One”. The company is suffixing either “M8” or “2014” with the promo material. Also, company is also referring it to as “All new HTC One” in some documents, they still mean the HTC One (2014).


HTC One (2014) features almost the same design as the last years HTC One, but we can notice some basic differences in it. The sides and overall design is a lot more curvy now, with more circular back and edges. Also noticeable, the new HTC One is taller, mainly because it now has on-screen buttons and (little) larger BoomSound speakers.

Of course, the device is still built with full metal, specifically brushed  aluminum. That really feels premium, the real premium. The overall device is almost with hairline brush finish that totally feels luxury. Apart from that, it has diamond-polished chamfered edges like an iPhone, just better than an iPhone.


HTC’s flagship, the HTC One M8, features a full HD 1080p 5-inch display based on Super-LCD 3 technology which we saw in the last year flagship HTC One (2013), tough, we feel that the color tones on this new display is better than what we saw last year. For a comparison, the last years HTC One had a 4.7-inch display. Also, now you can power up the device by just knocking the display, like what we saw with the LG G2. In addition to this, simply swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to turn on the display.

Processor and RAM

The All new HTC One features a Snapdragon 801 SoC which is a little overclocked version of the Snapdragon 800 SoC we saw in previous generation of smartphones including the Nexus 5. The chip is clocked at 2.3 GHz in the US and 2.5GHz in the international variant. Before the device was announced, there were rumors that HTC One will feature Snapdragon 805 chip, but we totally suspected that wrong because it’s just too early for 805 to appear as such. The HTC One (M8) is packed with 2GB of RAM for superior multitasking.


HTC offers 16GB and 32GB built-in storage on the device. And you are not the only one who feel that it is a bit low. But it’s ok because HTC added a microSD card slot for storage expansion, supports up to whopping 128GB SD card. So, if you were one the first ones to order the SanDisk’s new 128GB SD card, you can use it with this device.

If you are more of the cloud guy, HTC offers 50GB of storage on Google Drive in addition of what you already have. HTC also has it’s own service to backup your device to the cloud, specifically HTC’s servers.


The all new HTC One has a 2600 mAh battery which should be able to provide enough of juice to power the device for longer than 1 day on moderate use. But, there’s more. HTC has a new “Power saving mode” that promises extreme battery life in emergency cases. Unlike the Samsung’s Galaxy S5, the power saving mode with the HTC One seems much more believable and worthy. HTC’s power saving mode can be triggered when a preset percentage of battery is reached and the device with power off everything except the most essential features (and also won’t make the screen black and white). HTC says that the device can run for hours on 5-10% battery life. Seems good enough to me.

Apart from this, the new HTC One includes the QuickCharge 2.0 from Qualcomm all because it is powered by a Snapdragon 801 SoC. Here’s what it promises:

This indeed sounds good too.


This is one of the most talked things about the new HTC One. It features the same UltraPixel camera we saw last year, just that it now has 2 cameras at the back instead of one. HTC says that it is used to capture the field depth so that users can refcus on the image after they click it. As of what I have seen, it doesn’t seems to be working so good. With that, HTC has also opened up the Duo Camera API to developers so that they can make their apps for this unique platform and we’ll probably see better implementations of the HTC things soon. The new camera also features HTC’s new ImageChip 2.0, the newer version of the ImageChip we saw in HTC One (2013) last year. If you still want to know the megapixel count, it’s still 4, same as what we have last year.

The Duo camera isn’t the only thing to look for. Remember when Samsung said that the Galaxy S5 is the worlds fastest camera in terms of focusing time? And claimed to have timing of just 0.3s to focus correctly? We have that with HTC One too. HTC One promises to have a focus time of 300ms, which is 0.3s when converted. So, the Galaxy S5 is no longer the only smartphone to have that focus speed.

Apart from the hardware features, HTC has packed many software features in the camera too. HTC included several different modes to capture the best best shot just as you like it. Here’s are a few of them:

  • _Recompose _gives you a Photoshop-like application on your phone which actually works because the depth sensor understands where different people are in your photo.
  • _Dimension Plus_ lets you pan around an image in 3D.
  • Fun Effects is the 3D panning stuff above with seasonal effects like snow and falling leaves.
  • _Beauty Mode_ will make you all pretty.
  • _360-degree Panorama_ is very similar to Photosphere on the Nexus 5.
  • Zoe Highlights will automatically edit your photos together into cute, filtered highlight reels.
  • Slow-motion video with adjustable speed playback for customisable slow-mo clips.

Talking about the front-facing camera, it’s a 5MP camera which HTC is marketing as “camera for great selfies”. This has a higher MP count than the back, but still the UltraPixel is a deal for quality photography.

Sense 6 And Blinkfeed

HTC’s proprietary skin for Android is here with it’s sixth edition into the family. Undoubtedly, HTC makes the best Android skin if we compare it with all other OEM’s and Sense 6 is no exception. It’s a beauty to look it. It incorporates the Android 4.4 Kitkat’s transparency elements too, giving them a touch of color when required.

Sense 6 has be totally redesigned, for good. It’s now flatter, more streamlined and more vibrant looking. There a feature called Motion Launch, which is built into Sense 6, which allows you to use one-handed swipes and gestures to unlock your phone into either the main menu, the Blinkfeed or the camera. Motion Launch also allows you to just hold the phone to your ear when it rings in order to answer it.

Talking about Blinkfeed, all the items are now color coded. Blue for productivity, orange for entertainment and green for information. And that does look pretty sleek. Blinkfeed will now not only incorporate your news and stuff, but everything from your device including your social accounts, videos, etc. Oh btw, Blinkfeed now has a bigger and better font for you to read.

DotView Case

Another awesome thing about HTC One that makes it worthy to be a flagship device. This looks absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Doesn’t that look amazing? Yes, it does. HTC knows that we want cases, but not the flip cases, we don’t want to flip over to check what’s happening but we still want to know about it. This is where DotView cover comes in. You just need to knock it with your fingers and it will display you useful information. You can even pick up the call with the case on. Pretty neat.

Pricing and Availability

The all new HTC One was available yesterday itself in many stores but it will be available internationally in April. It will be available at $649 off-contract and $199 to $249 on-contract. There’s also the Google Play Edition device available to order right now in the US for $699. For the developers, HTC has made the unlocked version available at the same price as the retail version, but will only be available to purchase from HTC’s website.


HTC One is a pretty nice device, this is totally great to upgrade from older devices. You’d like to see it from all angles, in 3D? You can check it out here.

If you still want more, specifically the specifications, here’s a picture of HTC’s Official Spec List. I have previously compared HTC One 2014 with the 2013 edition spec wise.

So, what’s your take? Will you be buying one? Let us know in comments.


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