Moto360 – Motorola's Android Wear Smart Watch

Google recently announced its new project, that completely focuses on Wearables, called ‘Android Wear’. There’s no surprise that this year’s Google I/O will be interesting and the primary focus will be on the Android Wear. The Android Wear was announced on March 18, 2014 and Within no time, Motorola and LG announced their Wearable devices, namely, Moto360 and G Watch respectively. In this post we shall be talking about the facts that you should know about the Moto360!

Motorola’s approach for the smartwatch has been clear. As said by Jim Wicks, lead designer of the Moto360, Motorola wanted to bend technology to fit the consumer and not bend the consumer to fit the technology. Everyone has worn circular watches, at some point of time, so Motorola followed the traditional design and came up with this circular display, that looks decent and feels comfortable. After looking at the design of the watch, ‘WOW’ is all what I can say.

Motorola has kept the ones who love Fashion in mind, that’s the only reason they have announced watches that shall be customizable. You can switch from the leather straps to the metal ones, that too should be available in multiple colour options. Wicks speaks about how the Moto360 band can be easily changed by the consumer itself, so you don’t need to worry about taking it to a service center for this.

Talking about the Operating System. Till now, the Smart Watches have revolved around customized Operating Systems, but the new Moto360, will run Google’s new Android Operating System made for wearables, called, Android Wear.


The most awaited part is about the date of availability. Motorola has said the Moto360 will be available Summer 2014, but they haven’t given us a date. We will just have to wait a couple of months until Summer 2014. Do let us know what you feel about the Motorola’s Moto360 through the comments!


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