4 Things You Should Definitely Think Before Buying Moto G

The recent craze which has emerged in countries like India, which witnessed the Moto G being announced has increased Motorola’s revenue exponentially as the budget phone fits nearly everyone’s pocket and offers decent specifications for a daily user, with the latest version of Android (Android KitKat v4.4.2).

If you are going to but the new Moto G any time soon, I recommend you to glimpse through the following features mentioned, which might trouble you afterwards.

1. Camera

Moto G offers a 5MP rear camera, with a single LED Flash and a 1.3MP front camera. Incase you’re a regular casual photographer and love capturing memories of your day to day life, I won’t recommend you to go for this device. Moto G offers an average camera with not-so-good pictures. Here’s a demo of the camera quality. [Source – Internet]

2. No External Memory Slots


Moto G does not come with an external memory card slot, as most of you might be knowing. So, if you are one of those people who carry a dozen of MicroSD cards with them, for easy use, Moto G might disappoint you. All you will have to rely is on the internal memory (8GB or 16GB), and for that you should definitely read the next point.

3. Less Internal Memory

Moto G comes with two variants, one 8GB and the other 16GB, which provides nearly 5.5GB and 13.5GB of storage for the users. This is a sure point for disappointment if your phone is your camera and your music player. It hardly leaves you with any space for the applications. So, if you’re not one of those people I would recommend you to go for the 16GB variant, because you never know when you short fall of space.

4. Non-removable Battery

The fact is that the Moto G comes with a non-removable battery. This obviously is not a reason for not buying the cheap Android phone, offering an awesome deal. But, incase you are one of those people who carry separate batteries with them, because there won’t be any charging spots on their way, you should invest some bucks in a portable charger, instead of skipping this deal.


If you have recently purchased a Moto G and facing any difficulties, do let us know through the comments. That could help the other buyers, because ‘Sharing is Caring’.


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