Beats by Dre Mixr On-Ear DJ Headphones Review

Beats Mixr, that’s right! This time we’ll be reviewing the DJ headphones of one of the top most brands in the world of Music. Beats Mixr were launched back in 2012 and were advertised as being DJ Headphones . The Mixr line was revised in 2013 but the only change being the new colour options. This review will be from an average consumer’s point of view.

What’s In The Box – 


First of all let me tell you, these are one hell of a looking headphones. They are simply gorgeous. I have seen many other headphones in the same price range, but personally I find these to be the best, looks-wise. To some people they might appear as on-ear headphones and to some as over-ear. They have the design of on-ear headphones but their ear cups are surprisingly big. It just depends on how big or small your ears are. But for an average person, these headphones appear simply gorgeous when worn.

The two ear cups can swivel upto 180 degrees, meaning they are very portable. They have aluminium frame, unlike Beats Solo HD, which gives them a sturdy and strong feel. It doesn’t look like they would break easily. They are moderately flexible.


One of the other added bonus is the presence of two 3.5mm jacks. You can connect one of the 3.5mm jack to your phone and the other to some other headphone. This way both the headphones will play the same music, simultaneously.The control talk 3.5mm cable is also very useful. You can make calls, end calls, play/pause music and change the track using your Apple device. Sadly,  the Android and Blackberry  devices do not get the option of changing tracks.

These Headphones also perform greatly when it comes to noise cancellation and sound leak. You won’t hear any other outside sound when you have these put on at 75% -100% volume. Though at higher volumes some amount music will leak out, but that’s minimal and much better, in comparison to the other Beats Headphones.


This is the place where you might find these headphones are not top notch. I used the word ‘might’ because even though the ear cushion are quiet soft and comfortable, some people find these a bit too tight which restricts them to put these on for long hours.

The main reason for this tightness is the design of these headphones. Usually these are uncomfortable for people with big ears. In the beginning even I felt some discomfort, but eventually the headphones loosened up a bit and my head also got used to them. So everything’s good now. Everything being said, the comfort level differs from person to person.

Sound Quality

Now comes the sound quality. Unlike Beats Solo HD they are not bass oriented. But mind you, the bass is deep enough. And the best part is that the bass doesn’t overpower other elements of  music. These are one of the loudest Headphones I have ever heard, so you won’t be disappointed in that area. I won’t say they have the best sound quality in the particular price range. But let’s face it, people who buy Beats are more interested in the brand name and the looks, than the sound quality. If you are an audiophile, there are obviously better options for you in the market. But if you are an average listener like me and can afford these, they are good enough. Actually they are better than good. You will definitely enjoy them. They won’t let you down when it comes to sound quality.


As I said earlier, if you are an audiophile, don’t go for them. Otherwise, as long as you have deep enough pockets to shell out Rs. 25,000, need a good headphones – both in terms of looks and sound quality, you should go for these.


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