BlackBerry Messenger soon to be available for Android Gingerbread devices

There had been several requests made by Android Gingerbread users around the globe to make BlackBerry Messenger available for their devices. Congratulations! BlackBerry heard those requests and has finally announced that BlackBerry Messenger will now be available for Gingerbread (v2.3.3+) devices too! The Canadian company plans to launch an external beta for the update today ahead of the official release next month.


BlackBerry Messenger launched on iOS and Android way back in October 2013. Now it’s trying to expand its circle of BlackBerry Messenger users by making it available to even more operating systems. BlackBerry Messenger is expected to be available for the Android gingerbread users, but the question that pops up is that how many of the existing features will be available to the users, due to the Gingerbread limitations.

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