Getting started with SEO: The tools you need to know

Search Engine Optimization, also popularly known as SEO, is something we all do and we all should do to make our website/blog rank better in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We always chuck a lot of things in the process of better SEO for our blog or website, but what are the basic and the most efficient tools for that? SEO is not straight and must be done correctly, targeting is another important thing. Optimizing for everything is never a good idea. Let’s get back to the basics and see which tools can help you do so. There are plenty to help in SEO but these tools are good for targeted SEO.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

This is, technically, the finest method of ranking on search engines. Finding the best keywords for your niche is one of the most critically important tasks in SEO. The keyword planner tool helps you do just that. This is linked to the biggest search engine, Google, and taps directly into the user queries. This tool helps to find the most accurate global and local keyword variance and volume. This also incorporates many worthwhile tools such as export options that help in management too. This tools is undoubtedly the favourite and has technically very low learning curve. Both, beginners and experts, use this for their SEO practices. Since this is directly linked to the biggest search engine, Google, you have a strong reason to rely on this.


After finding the right keywords for your niche site, you actually need to optimize the site too! Moz just does that. Many of you might know it as SEOMoz, which it was previously known as. Moz includes several tools that are directly linked to world stats and analytics that help you to determine what is good and what’s not. This has become our favourite for a long time now just because it helps directly in optimization but it also helps in exploration of new SEO tactics and what’s actually going on around the world. Moz is not just a tool but it includes an array of several tools worth checking out. Since Moz has become one standard of SEO optimization, it is now no longer just a tool but a community too. It also includes many tips and tricks that would be good for your site for better ranking. Moz also includes several webinars if you want to learn more and in a much efficient way.


You got the keywords, you optimized your site, you check the important data. Now what? Link building. Every search engine and ranking authorities rely on the incoming links to a site for the genuinity and worthiness of the content. Link Building is considered one of the most important aspects of SEO for any type of website. MajesticSEO helps to do just that. MajesticSEO has several tools that can help you see what the primary sources of your links and what kind of websites are referring you. MajesticSEO crawls every part of your website (and other’s website) to find out links that are present. Unlike Google, it actually checks everything instead of relying on the internal database. MajesticSEO also helps in finding you competing keyword and to analyze your competitors site too. MajesticSEO is considered one of the best tools for link building strategies and analysis.


As any HTML guy will quickly recognize it as , it does the same thing, but differently. The name aHrefs probably signifies the same thing. We use anchor (a) tags to link to content, aHrefs just finds them for SEO strategies. It, technically, does the same thing as MajesticSEO but a little more accurately and with more information. aHrefs not just shows your URL stats with backlinks, but more information on multiple sides such as Social, linking and crawling too. aHrefs also ranks domain (read it again, domains not websites – Though, most website consists of one domain only) based on how the appear on the internet while it crawls the web. It also tells you the distribution information on many different factors such as TLD, referrers, backlink type, links and anchor cloud (which is just a tag cloud). It also helps in analysis of sitewide or non-sitewide links too. This is a really powerful tool in terms of SEO.


You have done it all, keywords, link building, optimization. But, will the search engines consider your site if people don’t use it? No. Link building helps in fixing this problem, but not very efficiently. You have to be active on social sites that they increase the traffic ten-fold, all thanks to the popularity of these sites. You have to engage with your users to retain them. SproutSocial and HootSuite are the social media management websites. They help you to manage your Social Media accounts and consistently engage users to that they are always with you. These 2 sites are specifically what I like, because of their feature set and customizability. They both offers some great tools such as post scheduling and engagement.



SEO is important, doing it right is even more important. The rule that conquers the world is to stick to the basics. These tools are the basic things that will be used in SEO forever, from beginners to experts, everyone will use them. Always check what’s happening with the current trend in SEO, that will help you more. Also, users are the most important aspect of SEO, don’t forget them by just doing optimization in others fields.


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