PlayStation 4 launched in India for Rs 39,990

So finally, after months of wait, we’ll soon be having PlayStation 4 in India. Sony, yet again, is at an advantage over Microsoft. The first right step they took was launching their product before another awaited product, the Xbox One. The second being launching the PlayStation 4 in much more countries. Microsoft has only made it’s next generation Xbox One available in select countries. And most of the other countries will be seeing it in mid or late 2014.

This time Sony almost nailed it with it’s PlayStation 4. It is good looking, compact and powerful. I used the word “almost” because of two reasons. The first one being the major reason. Why does most of the Tech Giants think that all the people in our country are ridicoulusly rich? I mean it already pinched a lot to shell almost 20k to buy a gaming console.


When this console was launched in the US. All I prayed was – “Please Sony price PlayStation 4 smartly in India.” But I guess prayers of Indian gamers are never heard. Sony has priced it’s console at astonishing price of Rs. 39,990. Yes, you all read it right. Why would any person, in his/her senses, spend this much amount. I mean one could easily assemble a decent gaming rig for Rs. 40,000 then why spend it on a gaming console?

The second reason why Sony ‘almost’ nailed it is because Sony doesn’t have much launch titles to go with PlayStation 4. Though I don’t think it will be a major issue. As Sony says, as much as 180 games are in development for 2014. Moreover Sony and Microsoft are the only major players in the console wars, so both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are bound to have amazing exclusive as well as other gaming titles in the future.


For those of you who still have Rs. 40,000 to burn, PlayStation 4 will be available from 6 January 2014 onwards. The PlayStation 4 box will include the console and a Dualshock 4 controller. For an extra controller you will have to spend Rs 4,999 more.

Even though there is time in the launch of Xbox One in India, but after seeing the price of PlayStation 4, I don’t expect much from Microsoft. So all we, Indian gamers, can do is wait for the Xbox One to launch in India, so that we can get a better comparision between the two.

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