Bitstrips, the hated Facebook spam, backs $3 Million in Funding

You know Bitstrips? Probably yes. Did you know when it came out on Facebook and Mobile platforms? Just 2 months ago. Within this time span, it takes the top spot on App Store and our hate lists, all this without any promotion. Bitstrips is ranked #1 in 40 countries and 90 countries in Entertainment category.

For those who don’t know what Bitstrips is, it is a new way of online interaction based on comics starring you and your friends. Bitstrips allow you to make visual status updates that express how you are feeling or just something for fun. Bitstrips has a fully customizable Avatar creator which seems to be liked by the people very much. Bitstrips creates comics that are liked by some, hated by others. Bitstrips grew at a tremendous pace in the last 2 months when it launched on Facebook and other mobile platforms. Here’s a quick video for the same.

TechCrunch says:

Bitstrips has been on a bit of a tear lately, too: In the past two months alone, users have created over 30 million avatars on the service. The idea is that you use the app to create an avatar (which sort of resembles a Nintendo Mii) to use in comics that can be assembled quickly using pre-made elements via an easy-to-understand composer. You can use your friends, too, and the team pumps out new scenes daily so it appeals to a group with a wide range of creative impulses.

Yes, you read it right. User’s created 30 million comics that were shared on Facebook, in just 2 months. Bitstrips currently has 10 Million+ users, which is a huge number nevertheless.

Bitstrips has received a $3 Million in Series A funding, which is a huge amount for a startup which didn’t expect much from this. They considered US their primary audience, but it seems like Bitstrips is a worldwide hit between the users of Facebook, primarily girls. That’s one reason why we all see them in our news feed daily.

Bitstrips is not yet focusing on monetizing it and is still focusing on improving the product and user experience. It seems fair enough, said that they received a $3M in funding.

This is currently the early stage of Bitstrips, and the game could change any moment. People like it very much, for the time being but I have seen many of them getting bored already. This concept is good, many people are utilizing it pretty well, extremeny well. Let’s see what happens in the coming time with Bitstrips.

What are your views on Bitstrips?


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