Find your Friends Rank on Facebook

I am pretty sure that all of you use Facebook, and many of you in a way that you can’t live without it. Facebook has become a part of our lives, let it be anything. But, did you know that Facebook ranks all your friends?

Yes, Facebook ranks all your friends based on personal experiences. Facebook explains it as “indication of the length of the edge between you and the friend” and only Facebook know what that means. Anyways, this is a pretty interesting hack to see how Facebook ranks you and your friends.

But, how do I use it?

  1. Just drag and drop this link below to your Bookmarks bar.

[button color=”blue” size=”medium” link=”javascript:(function()%7Bfunction%20creator(e,t,n)%7Bvar%20r=document.createElement(n);var%20i=document.createTextNode(t);r.appendChild(i);e.appendChild(r)%7Dfunction%20displayData(e)%7Bvar%20t=document.createElement(%22table%22);var%20n=document.createElement(%22thead%22);t.appendChild(n);var%20r=document.createElement(%22tr%22);creator(r,%22Name%22,%22th%22);creator(r,%22Score%22,%22th%22);n.appendChild(r);var%20s=document.createElement(%22tbody%22);t.appendChild(s);for(i=0;i

  1. Go to the Facebook Homepage and click on the Bookmark that you created in the previous step.


  1. Boom! You’re done! Share the results with your friends. Don’t forget to add your thoughts on this through the comments!

Basically, the main code looks like this:

function creator(o, data, node){
    var content = document.createElement(node);
    var cell = document.createTextNode(data);
function displayData(arr){
    var table = document.createElement('table');
    var thead = document.createElement('thead');
    var row = document.createElement('tr');
    creator(row, 'Name', 'th');
    creator(row, 'Score', 'th');
    var tbody = document.createElement('tbody');
    for(i=0; i<arr.length; i++){
        var row = document.createElement('tr');
        creator(row, arr[i]["text"], 'td');
        creator(row, arr[i]["grammar_costs"]["{user}"], 'td');
    document.body.innerHTML = "";
id = requireDynamic("Env").user;
url = "//" + id + "&__a=1";
x = new XMLHttpRequest();
  if (x.readyState==4 && x .status==200){

Anyways, the bookmark is just a little re-formatted code to fit on the Bookmarks bar.

Enjoy ranking your friends!


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