Tt eSPORTS Theron Gaming Mouse – Review

[starlist][/starlist]If you’ve been a gamer and have been using a gaming mouse, you know how awesome gaming experience becomes. Indeed, Theron Gaming mouse by Tt eSPORTS is an exceptional gaming rig that can take your gaming experience to a next level. There are some basic features that you must look into before buying a gaming mouse. First, the design. A gaming mouse must be comfortable, these days most of the gaming mice have a funky look, yet they are comfortable. Second, the customizable buttons, most of the modern gaming mouses have lots of customizable buttons that definitely ease the gaming experience. Thirdly, the on-board memory.

When we consider ThermalTake’s Theron gaming mouse, “it has been designed by the gamers, for gamers.” Designed in collaboration with pro gamers, the Theron Gaming Mouse aims to conquer the peripherals market for RTS lovers. A multi-level 5600 DPI laser sensor forms the heart of Tt eSPORTS’ sleek gaming mouse. 8 buttons, 3 of which are distributed between the right and left sides, will satisfy gamers who demand a mouse that functions with their time-saving macros. The gaming mouse also comes with a 128 KB internal memory that can store up to 5 game profiles.

Here are the key specifications of the Theron –

DPI: 5600
Sensor Type: Laser
No. of buttons: 8
No. of Macro keys: 40
No. of Game profiles: 5
Game Genre: RTS
Lighting Effect: Yes
Pause Break Effect: Yes
USB Cable Length: 1.8 meters Braided
Gold platted USB: Yes
Dimensions: 123.65 X 73.8 X 40.2mm


Theron offers a really comfortable design which allows the user to rest ones’ hand on it. Though the basic design remains the same as that of the other models that Thermaltake has manufactured.

The left side of the Theron has a concave area that gives space for your thumb to rest, and a pair of buttons at the top that are within reach of your thumb. The left side also includes a lighted strip at the bottom that glows once you’ve connected your mouse to a computer. The right side of the mouse offers another button that is set as default for Macro. Along with another lighted strip at the bottom, this side of the mouse has a convex section, that improves your grip and eases the movement of the mouse on most surfaces.

The front face of the Theron mouse shows the right and left click buttons. This side of the mouse also offers a pair of DPI on-the-fly buttons to adjust the sensors tracking speeds, while you are gaming or working, without needing to go to the software for changing the sensitivity levels. The scroll wheel this mouse offers is textured, that doesn’t let ones’ finger to slide off the wheel.

Moving to the bottom side of the mouse, we find that there are two buttons. These two buttons control the profile for the Theron and the polling rates (1000Hz/500Hz/125Hz). There is also a small lock switch, that when unlocked allows you to remove the weight cover. You are given the five 4.5 gram weights already installed, but you can add or remove them to suit your needs and desired feel. The weights are set in a rubber container to keep them silent as well as making it easy to use.

The mouse is equipped with a 1.8 meters of cloth braided cable. There is a velcro strap to tidy up the wiring and the gold plated USB connection is moulded and has the Tt logo on it.


Once you unbox the mouse and sneak through the inner packaging, you’ll find a black packet with the dragon logo on it. Inside it, you’ll find the user’s manual, driver disc, warranty card and a pair of battle dragon stickers – white and black.

Another thing you’ll find at the back of the inner packing is a multi-purpose zipper pouch. It is really helpful as you can store your mouse it in and protect ot from getting dirty outside. The only thing I didn’t like is the pouch being black. Thermaltake adds a black pouch irrespective of the colour of the mouse. But the quality of the material used in making the pouch makes me forget about the colour.


These are some of the self explanatory screenshots that you’ll come across after plugging in the mouse and installing the Driver CD.


The performance of the Theron is mind blowing and the rating in different sections stand as follows


  • Upto 5600 DPI
  • 128kb Onboard Memory
  • 40 Macros In 5 Profiles
  • Adjustable Weights
  • Battle mode – lighting changes according to click speed
  • Textured scroll wheel
  • Braided cable with Gold plated USB connector

  • The software could’ve been better, it looks quite simple yet efficient
  • The price

(We’re looking for more pros and cons, incase you’ve used this mouse and wish to add to this list you can do so through comments.)


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