Facebook now allows 'Teens' to post publicly

Facebook, so far, didn’t allow people under 18 years of age to make public posts. Recently Facebook made all the profiles on Facebook publicly searchable, and now Facebook announced that Teens (13 to 17) will be allowed to post publicly if they want to. Tough, their default privacy options will start from “Friends” only.

Facebook is rolling this out to most of the parts of the world now, started with the US. We have already seen Teen profiles from US to see this feature working. We expect Facebook to complete the roll out in 24 hours.

Many journalists and social media analysts say that this is a bad move since Teens must not be allowed to have this much freedom, tough, on my personal perspective, this is actually very good for people who care about exposure.


Facebook’s Official Statement


On Facebook, you control who you share with. That can be a single person in a message, a small group, with friends, or with the world.

Each time you share a status update, you choose the audience you want to share with. Unless you change it, the audience remains the same for future posts.

Up until today, for people aged 13 through 17, the initial audience of their first post on Facebook was set to “Friends of Friends” – with the option to change it.

Going forward, when people aged 13 through 17 sign up for an account on Facebook, the initial audience of their first post will be set to a narrower audience of “Friends.”

We take the safety of teens very seriously, so they will see an extra reminder before they can share publicly.

When teens choose “Public” in the audience selector, they’ll see a reminder that the post can be seen by anyone, not just people they know, with an option to change the post’s privacy.

And if they choose to continue posting publicly, they will get an additional reminder.


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