Why iPhone 5 could've been a better choice than iPhone 5c?

We witnessed the launch of iPhone 5c a couple of days ago and Apple showed us exactly what was rumoured. Another news that captured the attention of many was Apple announcing it’s discontinuity of the previous flagship – the iPhone 5, it is now replaced by the colorful plastic toys, also called the iPhone 5c. Though Apple has kept its promise of announcing a ‘cheaper’ and ‘affordable’ iPhone. But, a plastic body, seriously? Well, here Apple has failed to impress me and I guess many. Here we are to spot the points about iPhone 5 being a better option to go with rather than iPhone 5c.

1. The Price Factor

As we all know that Apple, every year announces a new iPhone and the previous iPhone faces a clear-cut of $100. This time, it has dropped this policy. If iPhone 5 would have been continued it would have priced at the same price, as that of iPhone 5c. So, what are we paying for? Simply a plastic body, except a minor upgrade, which we’ll be discussing in the coming points.

2. Camera

Yeah, Apple has come up with a better front facing camera. iPhone 5c also sports a 8 megapixel rear camera which comes with 5 element lenses and bigger 1.9 micrometer pixels in the front. Thus, we conclude that Apple has worked a little in bringing out a better front facing camera, but the read camera is unchanged, it is exactly like it was seen in the iPhone 5.

3. Processor

Next up is processor. We saw the new iPhone 5S come up with a new A7 SoC (or processor), but we spotted no change in terms of processor for the iPhone 5c. It comes up with the A6 chip, just like the iPhone 5 did. Plus, the iPhone 5 will also be receiving an update, so it will also run iOS 7 now. So, no change in the Operating System too. What’s the BIG change then? Even I’m trying to figure that out.

4. Battery Life

The battery on the iPhone 5c has no practical change, though on the technical terms, it has been upped by about 4.6%. The average stats for battery life released by Apple are identical to the one on iPhone 5. No reason to upgrade to iPhone 5c, again.

5. Connectivity

Exact replica of the iPhone 5, but comes up with a much better LTE support. Theoretically, the handset can reach 100 Mbits on the downlink, which is crazy fast and probably way ahead of the capacities of most of the todays mobile networks. It’s a useless update for Indians, though.

I believe, if you’ve been using an iPhone 5, the above updates won’t have made any change to you. Yes, none of the upgrades are so awesome that you’ll buy an iPhone 5c if you are an existing iPhone 5 customer.

If we compare the iPhone 5 and the new iPhone 5c, we find that the shiny metallic body has been compromised with little upgrades which are definitely not worth for. Yes, Apple has compromised the awesome iPhone metallic look and brought in the Plastic toy look. This disappoints me, at least.


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