Sony Announces PS Vita Slim and PS Vita TV

Sony has struck again and this time with two new variants of its portable beast, PlayStation Vita. The first variant is known as PlayStation Vita Slim.

As the name suggests this one is going  to be 20 per cent thinner and 15 per cent lighter. But don’t get excited just now, it also has couple of other changes too! The slim version will have 1GB of built-in storage, Micro USB charging, and an all-new LCD display. There will also be an increase in the battery life, which I believe is a result of the new LCD display. It will be available in variety of colours- white, black, blue, yellow, pink, and olive green.  Here are the specifications of the new Vita Slim

The other variant is something that I think no one would have expected, it is PlayStation Vita TV. PlayStation Vita TV is a tiny box which will connect to your TV. It is based on PlayStation Vita hardware and will not only let you play PlayStation Vita, PSP and PlayStation 1 games on your TV, but also offers entertainment services and PlayStation 4 cross-functionality. This new Vita TV will let you play your favourite  games on your HDTV using the Dualshock 3 controller. But there’s a catch, since the Dualshock 3 controller lacks touch capabilities, some PS Vita games won’t be supported.

Along with these announcements Sony has also announced a 64GB memory card for the PlayStation Vita. There will also be  reduction in the prices of existing memory cards.

These PS Vita Slim will go on sale in Japan on 10th October whereas the PlayStation Vita TV will be released in Japan on 14th November. PS Vita Slim will be available for 18,980 Yen. PS Vita TV will retail for 9,954 ($100). There is also an option of buying the console with a memory card and the Dualshock 3 controller for 14,995 yen ($150).

I believe that PlayStation Vita TV will be a game changer as it will not only attract gamers, but also consumers looking for media devices. This way the new Vita TV will be taking on various devices like Apple TV and the Quya. The only thing that can limit the success of this device is the delay in it’s launch in various other countries as there is no word by Sony about it’s launch in other countries.

The original PlayStation Vita wasn’t a very big hit because of availability limited number of games. But this new improvement, i.e., PlayStation Vita Slim coupled with Sony’s  launch of Third Party Productions could shift the balance of the portable gaming world towards Sony.


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