15 Tips to save Battery on Android

These days we are surrounded with the android mobile phones with affordable prices. Battery backup is the main concern of these phones as for many reasons they are not up to the mark. When we check the features of a mobile while purchasing, battery performance is one among the important specifications. Here we are presenting some tips to boost up your mobile’s battery life:

  1. Decrease the brightness: To give your battery a long life minimizes its brightness as it is the reason for poor battery life. The high brightness level of phone may harm your eyes when used in darkness.
  2. Stop using live wallpapers: Though live wallpapers give our mobiles a smart look but it consumes more battery than normal wallpapers. If you want to use wallpapers you can use some funny or creative wallpaper.
  3. Remove unnecessary widgets from home screen: The placement of a lot of widgets and apps on home screen consumes a lot of battery charge. So you should place the widgets and apps on home screen as less as possible.
  4. Kill all the running apps: Many times we forget to close the running application that results in a lot of battery consumption. You can use task killer application to close all the running apps in a click. If your mobile has not got with this app you can better install it.
  5. Uninstall unwanted apps: Commonly everyone installs a lot of apps and games in their phones that results in wastage of phone memory and even consumes battery. So it is better if you remove the apps and games that are rarely used by you.
  6. Turn off GPS: There are many GPS based apps in the market. The use of GPS connectivity also causes low battery life. If you are not using the apps that require GPS for working, it’s better to turn off the GPS connectivity.
  7. Turn the Bluetooth off: You must turn off the Bluetooth immediately after use. It not only saves your battery but also protects your phone by being hacked or attacked by Malwares.
  8. Decrease screen timeout: When you purchase the mobile, the screen time out is already set. You should change the time of screen timeout as per your convenience. The lesser you will set the screen timeout; the more your battery will run.
  9. Close the mobile vibration: Battery life reduces due to the use of vibrations for calls and alarms. Try to use vibrations as less as possible.
  10. Turn off Wi-Fi: The more you use Wi-Fi the more you will lose battery charge. If there is no important use then try not to turn on Wi-Fi.
  11. Use airplane mode: Airplane mode is also said as flight mode. It bans the incoming calls and messages. It is just like your phone is switched off. But in airplane mode you can use the games and some apps. It helps your battery to live longer.
  12. Disable auto sync: The apps like G mail, calendar etc are auto synced that uses the mobile connectivity without your permission. So for long run battery charge it is better if you disable auto sync.
  13. Turn off mobile internet: Mobile internet consumes a lot of battery. If you disable internet connectivity it will save a lot of battery.
  14. Place your mobile in cool surrounding: The heat adversely affects the performance of the mobile. So try to keep your mobile at cool places. Mobile also gets hanged when it is overheated.
  15. Disable haptic feedback: It is a type of vibration that happens while pressing the keys. Keys are the most used part of a mobile so the vibration consumes a lot of battery. It is better for you to turn it off.

So, by following the above ways you can save your battery charge and give your battery a long life.


This post has been contributed by Prithvi. He is a blogger at Commenti and Geeks workshop.


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