Why mobile web design has become the important for SEO?

The most appealing part of the responsive web design is that the website can offer a great user-experience of the people all over the world, irrespective of the screen sizes and the devices. It is an important characteristic as it is not possible to develop different websites depending on different screen sizes to offer a better searching experience to users. A site that has the ability to perform well regardless of the entire variable will be able to provide the best and consistent user-experience than a separate mobile site.

One website for every device

If someone searches for a particular product on the Smartphone during his free time and find out toe site that offers the product and decide to do some research on the product on the same site is possible through the responsive design. You do not have to go to your home and open the desktop to have a complete view of the website. It is now possible through your handheld devices. In this way it is possible to have the positive user experience when there is the transition from the mobile to desktop.

Can be easily managed

When you are having the separate desktop and mobile site then you have to manage two different SEO campaigning programs which become really impossible to manage at one time. Their key advantage that can be enjoyed through the responsive website is that you can have a mobile site, but you just need to run a single SEO campaign to give promotion to the website. Therefore, the responsive website design also gives benefits to the mobile specific SEO strategy.

There is no duplicate content

Duplicate content is considered to be very bad and therefore, it can also affect the search engine ranking of the website. The responsive website will come up with the single URL and HTML of all kind of devices. This makes it quite easy for the Google to crawl and the content can also get indexed in the search engines. It is easier for the user to share and link the content on the same URL in regard to separate website. But, in case of having separate websites for mobile device and PC it will come with a different URL and HTML which makes it difficult for the Google to crawl and the content does not get properly indexed. In order to capture the mind of the audience, you need to provide the audience with the valuable information that they are actually looking for. A large number of people will have access to your business website while traveling and you need to offer the optimal viewing experience that can also contribute in the sale of the business. It is important to offer convenience to the users and give access to the website from any device to improve your brand reputation. [divider]

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