How to take a backup of your Tweets

I see so many users tweeting every moment. Some even have 10,000+ tweets. So, here we’ll be discussing how to take a backup of all your tweets in a systematic and organized way.

Step 1

Login to your Twitter Account and then navigate to the Settings page. Have a look at the image below –

Step 2

Click on “Download Archive”. After clicking on the button, you’ll have to wait for sometime, Twitter shall email you the download link to your archive. Like, I got it within a few second –

Step 3

Visit the link and click on “Download”. And after clicking, you’ll see that the browser shall download a .zip file. This is your archive.

Step 4

Once the download is complete, extract it in a folder and run the “index.html” file. It’ll open the archive. You can browse through all your tweets in a more systematic manner now.


Features of the Achieve –

  1. Shows our Twitting frequency. As in, how much we tweeted in every month.
  2. You can easily browse through your tweets. Yeah, from the day you made your first tweet till your last tweet.
  3. The archive contains a “tweets.csv” file, which contains all your tweets in tabular form.


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